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Hearthstone deck guide: Colma Mech Druid - Hearthstone

Worlds collide in the latest Druid deck to disrupt the metagame.

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Mechs and Druids might not seem like the most natural combination at first sight, but look a little deeper and there are some tantalising synergies to be explored between cards like Mechwarper and Druid-specific spells like Innervate.

The end result is Colma's Mech Druid, a deck that gives you the best of two different worlds – the Mech-orientated control deck, and the classic Ramp Druid. You can even blend the two approaches to create some seriously impressive plays.

Colma Mech Druid strategy guide

The interesting thing about playing out this deck is that you actually have a few paths to victory. There's the tried and tested ramp effect, where you use your early spells to dig deeper into your deck at an early stage of the game. Alternatively you've got a lovely curve of Mech minions to dominate the board with before you push through to the late-game. When all else fails, there's always old-faithful – the Force of Nature / Savage Roar combo finisher once your opponent reaches 14 health.

To play this deck to its fullest potential though, you need to look one or two turns ahead at all times. It may be better to play that Mechwarper a turn later - and take a little damage to face in the meantime - because it will allow you to combo the card to bring an even more monstrous minion into play. Don't throw away your Mechwarpers lightly – they're worth far more than a little bit of damage to your Hero's health pool in the early game.

Colma Mech Druid Mulligan guide

If you're used to playing the classic ramp Druid, it won't surprise you to learn that you want to keep Innervate and Wild Growth in your hand. These allow you to push up into the bigger minions of your deck earlier on. If, however, you find yourself with Mechwarper, then it's more important to play to its strengths and hang on to a Mech minion or two that you can play on your cheaper curve. That will certainly change the value of Innervate as well.

That's the ideal-world approach to Mulliganing with this deck, but you need to think about the metagame you're in too. Against aggressive Heroes in an aggressive metagame, you still want to keep cards like Swipe in your opening hand so you can shut the opponent down hard on Turn 4. You should also expect Paladins to pack Muster for Battle, which makes removal spells even more important.

For the most part though, you've got two routes to success – go down the Mech route, or dream a little bigger...

Colma Mech Druid card combo guide

- The classic combo in this deck is the Force of Nature / Savage Roar play. Once your opponent is at fourteen health or lower, and you have these two cards in your hand, you're on the home straight. Keep in mind though that you have two Force of Natures for a reason, and it's OK to use one of them if you're disastrously behind in a match.

- Mechwarper has a natural synergy of course with all of the Mech-class cards in this deck, and you should always take a moment to do your mental arithmetic twice so you make sure you're getting the most out of each turn's Mana.

- Don't forget the synergy that Mechwarper has with Innervate too, as these two cards combined can help you put cards like Piloted Sky Golem into play ridiculously early on in the match.

- They can only be played together on Turn 9 or 10, but Azure Drake played with Swipe can turn even the worst board positions around. You can gain the effect much earlier on across two turns, but most players are primed to clear the Drake as a priority, so don't bank on pulling this move off.

- Azure Drake will also give a very useful boost to Wrath much earlier on in the game. If the opponent has a two health minion on the board, you can still get the benefit of that extra card draw, while still removing the minion. This can seriously swing the game in your favour.

- Cards like Innervate and Wild Growth allow you to dip into your bigger minions much earlier on in the game, and the former should be factored carefully into your plans whenever you have it in your hand.

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  • craigwood71 #1 6 years ago
    No good against aggro which is the current meta, there's also not enough card draw to support the rate at which you will place down minions. I do however like the idea of trying to use mechs to gain board control but you are tuning out good druid cards in order to do so.
  • Bedders #2 6 years ago
    I love control and so I think the Mage will always be my favourite Hero but Druid comes a very close second for me.

    While everyone moans about Hunters, Warlocks etc, the Druid just quietly copes with everything the metagame throws at it. It's certainly the most balanced and flexible Hero in the game for my money.
  • Sobtanian #3 6 years ago
    Been playing this deck recently and it's superb. I've always liked how the Druid is very versatile, and with this deck you seem to have an answer for everything.