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Hearthstone deck guide: Burst Rogue - July 2015 - Hearthstone

Looking to climb the ladder quickly? Try this deck on for size.

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Whether you're trying to smash your way through a Daily Quest quickly, or you just want to climb the ladder with the minimum of fuss at the start of a season, there are few more efficient decks to wield than the aggro Burst Rogue - and it's cheap as chips to craft as well.

For our final deck overview of the day, we wanted to shine a light on this popular deck archetype, and give you the lowdown on how to get the most value out of it this month.

Burst Rogue - July 2015 strategy guide

To get the most out of this deck, you need to get on the board nice and early, and keep playing minions out on each turn. Trade with your opponent's minions if something better will live longer as a result, otherwise rush down the opponent, and always check your maths twice to see if you have lethal in hand or on the horizon.

That lethal will come in many forms, but Tinker's Sharpsword Oil is an incredibly important part of this deck. If you threaten lethal in a turn or two after applying this spell, start racing your opponent down hard and let them do the hard work of removing your minions.

Burst Rogue - July 2015 Mulligan guide

>You want a nice, fast start which means looking for cards like Argent Squire, Leper Gnome, Southsea Deckhand, SI:7 Agent and Defias Ringleader. If you've got the earlier parts of the curve set up nicely, reach up a little and keep a Piloted Shredder too. If you're in a very aggressive meta, consider keeping Blade Flurry for a nice early board clear.

Burst Rogue - July 2015 card combos and synergies

It should come as no surprise to learn that there are some important card combos to consider here - this is a Rogue deck we're talking about after all! Here are some of the most critical synergies to keep in mind as each match unfolds:

- Tinker's Sharpsword Oil will give any weapon an extra powerful edge, but try to play it with a minion out on the board so you get maximum value from the casting effect.

- You can also use the Oil to buff up a Blade Flurry considerably. If you've two charges on the weapon, make sure you spend one of them before detonating the blade!

- If you're planning on playing Goblin Auto-Barber out on the board, make sure you've got your weapon out first, and double-check your maths before beginning any removal work on the board.

- Try to get the Combo effects of Cold Blood and Eviscerate whenever possible, as you need to squeeze every last drop of damage that you can from this deck. Paying close attention to your maths is vital when playing out a Rogue deck.

- Defias Ringleader played with The Coin remains one of the most annoying early turns to face in the game. Use it well!

- Arcane Golem is a powerful minion (particularly if boosted up with a Combo on the turn its played), but resist putting it out on the board until your opponent is below 20 Health. That extra Mana crystal can really come back to haunt you.

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  • Hairyskinback #1 6 years ago
    Just been messing with this setup as I had one of them new rogue specific quests to clear for 50 gold along with a rogue/warrior one for 60. Deck is fast and fun to play and for someone that doesn't really like rogue to much I found myself smiling as I sapped back their forces before tinkering mine for a crippling or killing blow. Enjoyed it far more than oil rogue and fatigue both of which I have tried.