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Buff Paladin deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)

Our guide to playing Buff Paladin in the Rastakhan's Rumble era.

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Our Buff Paladin deck list guide features the best deck list for Season 56 of Boomsday (November 2018). Our Buff Paladin guide will be updated with Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Buff Paladin is a Hearthstone deck that makes use of a number of cards from the entire collection to provide lots of healing options, as well as a number of ways to strengthen minions in your hand. In this way, you hope to be able to field a much tougher board of minions that your opponent will struggle to deal with, while you yourself maintain a solid health total.

In our guide to playing this archetype, we've got an outline of the best deck list for this stage of the Rastakhan meta. With many of the new cards added in Rastakhan's Rumble, it seemed like there was some potential for the deck to take off in the new expansion. That doesn’t appear to have been the case so far, though. Nevertheless, we'll expand on our strategy section of this guide if that ever changes. Until then, you'll find much of the advice about playing it in the tips and combos section at the bottom of this article.

Buff Paladin deck list and strategy

Buff Paladin isn't really part of the meta right now, but you might enjoy getting warmed up if there’s any kind of resurgence throughout Rastakhan’s Rumble. If so, here’s the top deck list currently seeing play.

2 x Righteous Protector2 x Wild Pyromancer
1 x Crystalsmith Kangor2 x Tar Creeper
1 x Crystology1 x Countess Ashmore
2 x Equality
2 x Flash of Light
2 x Immortal Prelate
2 x Sound the Bells!
2 x Blessing of Kings
2 x Consecration
2 x Spirit of the Tiger
2 x Farraki Battleaxe
2 x Spikeridged Steed
1 x A New Challenger...
1 x Lynessa Sunsorrow
1 x Shirvallah, the Tiger

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General strategy:

Buff Paladin takes all of those seemingly inconsequential minions in your hand and turns them into terrifying forces to be reckoned with, thanks to all the improvement cards available to the class. Whether you apply those buffs after you’ve played a creature on the board, or while it’s still sitting in your hand, the goal is to make a board that gets progressively stronger with just a few empowered minions.

Good targets for your buff spells include the new Rastakhan’s Rumble card Immortal Prelate, as it will return to your deck when killed while retaining all of the previous buffs played on it. Additionally, when Lynessa Sunsorrow is played, she will apply all of the spells you’ve cast on other minions onto herself, creating another large creature for the end game.

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Buff Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Here are the combos you need to think about while playing this particular version of Buff Paladin.

- Healing from all sources is doubled for as long as Crystalsmith Kangor remains out and active on the board.

- When played, Crystology will add two one-Attack minions to your hand. In this deck list, qualifying candidates are: Righteous Protector, Crystalsmith Kangor, Immortal Prelate, Tar Creeper and Lynessa Sunsorrow.

- Immortal Prelate is always a good target for your buff cards. Even if it’s killed, it’ll be reshuffled back into your deck with all enchantments retained, so you can play it again in its already buffed state.

- Cards with the Echo keyword, such as Sound the Bells, can be played multiple times in a single turn as long as you have the Mana spare. This means you can buff a minion considerably with just one card!

- New Paladin card Spirit of the Tiger works well in a deck with lots of spells. If you cast one with the minion on the board it will summon a token Tiger creature with a same Attack and Health as the cost of the spell. It’s a great way to get some extra value out of your spells!

- When you deal more damage to a minion than their remaining Health, you will trigger the Overkill effect on Farraki Battleaxe, which will buff a minion in your hand by + 2 / + 2.

- Lynessa Sunsorrow allows you to take full advantage of all the buff spells you’ve played throughout a game for a second time. Anything you’ve cast on any other minion will also be applied to her when she enters play, giving you the opportunity to create one massive super-minion!

- Although it starts off at a whopping 25 Mana, the cost of Shirvallah, the Tiger is reduced by one for each point of Mana you spend on spells. You could discount it significantly over the course of a game.

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  • franciscalvendra #1 2 years ago
    Interested in this deck. Any news on when this article is getting updated before I start building it?
  • Bedders #2 2 years ago
    @259felix Last month's Buff Paladin deck list you mean? Here you go!


    2 x Meanstreet Marshal
    2 x Smuggler's Run
    2 x Grimestreet Outfitter
    1 x Wickerflame Burnbristle
    2 x Keeper of Uldaman
    2 x Truesilver Champion
    2 x Grimestreet Enforcer
    1 x Don Han'Cho
    1 x Ragnaros, Lightlord
    1 x Tirion Fordring


    2 x Argent Squire
    2 x Loot Hoarder
    1 x Acolyte of Pain
    2 x Aldor Peacekeeper
    1 x Brann Bronzebeard
    2 x Grimestreet Smuggler
    2 x Dopplegangster
    2 x Fight Promoter
  • 259felix #3 2 years ago
    Great deck! I liked the last Paladin deck you posted better though. Do you have a link to it or any way where I can see it ? Would appreciate it a lot!
  • Tyrano12 #4 2 years ago
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This is not the version you want to play... Strifecro's Handbuff is currently the most winning deck but Kolento just dropped two new decks "Dragon" and "Buff" yesterday that also have made it to Legend.

    Yeah, you could play warrior or shaman instead of paladin... but as Eminem said:
    "I'd rather yank my f*ckin teeth before I'd ever bite my tongue
    I'd slice my gums, get struck by f*ckin' lightning twice at once!
    And die... and come back as vanilla ice's son
    And walk around the rest of my life... spit on
    And kicked and hit with shit, every time I sung
    Like R. Kelly as soon as "bump n' grind" comes on!"

    Description here
  • Tyrano12 #5 2 years ago
    This deck seems to run better with [Small-Time Recruits]... [Blubber Baron] is also a card that is made for a buff deck that can snowball really quick into outrageous stats!

    Dopplegangster alone counts as +3/3 towards the Baron's stats! "One for the boss, two for me"!
  • PhlyingJinxer #6 2 years ago
    As picky as I may be, you put Aldor Peacekeeper in the neutral section. Nice guide!
  • Angryana #7 2 years ago
    @Thimns That is a good idea, I will try that.
  • Thimns #8 2 years ago
    @Angryana I'd remove one truesilver, getting any non minion cards in hand makes paladin's hand buffs worse so I'd rather Sally than truesilver, you have enough minions to trade cleanly most of the time without needing a weapon and happy rag takes care of any healing needs. I'd even possibly take out the second truesilver for a single consecration even 2 damage is enough to help clear the many murloc decks laddering currently. But without playtesting it myself (and not wanting to craft Don hancho) it really just speculation.
  • Bedders #9 2 years ago
    @matthewj.wendel15 Yeah not a bad shout, I'll be interested to see if he turns up as standard in the long run.
  • Bedders #10 2 years ago
    @matthewj.wendel15 Yeah not a bad shout, I'll be interested to see if he turns up as standard in the long run.
  • Tyrano12 #11 2 years ago
    I feel the one card a lot of the standardised buff decks are missing is "Leeroy Jenkins". I've been able to build up enough buffs in the first few rounds to one shot opponents in rounds 5 and 6 with Leeroy...
    At least I have chicken!
  • Angryana #12 2 years ago
    @Thimns I thought the same thing. Playing this deck, I think the biggest problem is having board clear options. Not sure what would be worth to take out for maybe at least one equality/consecration maybe.
  • Thimns #13 2 years ago
    I wonder if Sargent Sally wouldn't be a good inclusion, there's not much flood going on currently but with the lack of any aoe in the deck she could fit
  • alhoporó05 #14 2 years ago
    as a side note on the combo section, Fight Promoter -can- trigger her own battle cry if buffed up to 6 health with hand buffing cards