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Galakrond Tempo Warrior deck list guide - Descent of Dragons - Hearthstone (January 2020)

(Scion of) Ruin your opponent's day.

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Our Galakrond Tempo Warrior deck list guide features the best list for Season 70 of Hearthstone (January 2020). You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos. We will continue to update so our Galakrond Tempo Warrior deck list is the best it can be.

Galakrond, the Unbreakable is the Warrior class’ version of the great Dragon Hero card. The card’s Battlecry is to draw a minion and give it +4/+4. This gets stronger when Galakrond is Invoked though, upgrading to 2 cards drawn when invoked twice, and 4 when invoked 4 times. The added damage available to the strong aggressive minions is extremely useful when trying to finish off your enemies, especially with Charge minions like Kor'kron Elite and Leeroy Jenkins.

Galakrond's Might is the new Hero Power, and the effect generated when Invoke is triggered. It gives your Hero +3 attack this turn. This offers yet more tempo, as you can clear enemy minions out of the way as well as deal direct face damage to chip them down. Ideally, you’ll be dealing damage regularly to the point where one of your Charge minions from hand can finish your opponent off, especially doable when you’ve got those +4/+4 buffs from Galakrond.

The rest of your deck plays pretty much the same as aggro/tempo Warrior decks of the past. Get stats in play and deal damage to face whenever possible and you should be golden.

Galakrond Tempo Warrior deck list and strategy

Here’s the Galakrond Tempo Warrior deck we’re using for the beginning of Descent of Dragons. We’ll keep you updated with any changes!

2 x Eternium Rover1 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2 x Shield Slam1 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Town Crier2 x Devoted Maniac
2 x Ritual Chopper1 x Spellbreaker
2 x Warpath1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Awaken!2 x Shield of Galakrond
2 x Scion of Ruin1 x Zilliax
2 x Shield Block1 x Kronx Dragonhoof
2 x Brawl
1 x Plague of Wrath
1 x Galakrond, the Unbreakable

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAQcIrwTyBYoH+wyggAPyqAPjtAPFwAMLS6IE/wed8AKb8wKz/ALYrQParQP+rgOqrwPSrwMA

General strategy

Get stats out early and pressure your opponent. If they’re having to deal with threats constantly, they’ll hopefully end up running out of ways to deal with it, and at that point you’re in a very good place.

Early Game: Eternium Rover and Town Crier are solid early board presences. They can trade and go face, as well as offering benefits outside of that. Eternium Rover works best when facing aggressive enemies, as you’ll likely gain at least 4 Armor from its ongoing effect, which gives you the time to stabilise against hyper-aggressive enemies.

Ritual Chopper is a great option early on to keep the board on your side or go face. It’s only a 1 attack weapon, but the turn you play it you Invoke Galakrond, meaning your Hero gains +3 attack. Make sure you’ve got a target in mind when you play this card, because your Attack will go back down to 1 after your turn ends. Keep enemy boards clear of threats and start building up your own squad of minions. SN1P-SN4P can magnetise onto Eternium Rover or be played on its own at 3 mana, and getting a Frothing Berserker on board before your opponent can deal with it can snowball out of control extremely easily.

Mid Game: Hopefully, you’re on the front foot here. Keep playing cards that Invoke Galakrond, like Awaken! and Shield of Galakrond, and remember you gain +3 attack that turn every time you Invoke. Dragonmaw Poacher is a must-play if your enemy plays a Dragon, as a 4 mana 8/8 with Rush is the most ridiculous card we’ve seen in quite some time. There’ll be a lot of Dragons about too, so keep an eye out for this Battlecry activator.

You’re trying to hit face as much as you can in the mid-game. If you can end it now, absolutely do it. Keep counting for lethal damage and pressuring the board with your own Rush and Charge minions. Restless Mummy is a massively strong play and can clear off enemy Taunts if needed, and Scion of Ruin offers a huge 9/6 worth of stats with Rush for just 3 mana if you’ve Invoked two times so far. Your tempo cards are enormous, and you want to be forcing your enemies to deal with them constantly.

Late Game: Galakrond, the Unbreakable is obviously what you want to play late on. Draw him with Kronx Dragonhoof or play him if you’ve already got him. If you’re fully Invoked, you draw 4 minions and give them all +4/+4, which offers a ridiculous amount of potential damage late on. Leeroy Jenkins gets 10 direct damage. Kor'kron Elite gets 8. If you’ve equipped your Overlord's Whip, Grommash Hellscream offers 14 damage to face with that buff. At this point, every minion you play should be aiming to finish your opponent. Even if all that Charge damage isn’t enough, Kronx Dragonhoof can take your opponent down completely if you’ve turned into Galakrond already. His Devastations can hit face as well as clear enemy minions, meaning you can push even more damage to finally finish the game. This is your final gambit though - if an opponent can survive this you’re in big trouble and will probably get outvalued, so make all this damage count.

Galakrond Tempo Warrior Mulligan Guide

Below is our guide on what to keep in your opening hand when playing Galakrond Tempo Warrior.

1. Town Crier draws a card with Rush, cycling your deck and giving you a card that’ll directly help you control the board.

2. It’s worth Invoking Galakrond as early as possible, so Ritual Chopper is a solid play for this. Remember to attack the first turn you play it to take advantage of the Invoke.

3. Eternium Rover is the quintessential 1-drop for Warrior. Remember - you’ll be able to use SN1P-SN4P to magnetise onto it if this minion survives too, offering extra damage and value.

Galakrond Tempo Warrior tips, combos and synergies

Below are some tips for how to best play Galakrond Tempo Warrior in the Descent of Dragons meta:

- Always remember to attack with your Hero after Invoking. It’s easy to forget and just play a card to level up Galakrond, the Unbreakable, but you gain 3 attack that turn when you Invoke too, thanks to Galakrond's Might.

- Galakrond's Might is your new Hero Power when you transform. For 2 mana, you gain +3 attack this turn, so late in the game this might be the final bit of damage you need to finish things off.

- Grommash Hellscream gets a whopping +6 attack when damaged. If he survives a turn this becomes easy to accomplish, but equipping Overlord's Whip makes this doable on the very first turn you play him from hand, dealing 1 damage and boosting his attack a whole lot.

- Galakrond, the Unbreakable only draws minions, so you’ll be able to try to predict what’s going to come out of the deck if you’ve been keeping track of your deck’s current state.

- Scion of Ruin offers 9/6 in stats with Rush, but only if you’ve Invoked twice. The border around the card will be highlighted yellow to signify this, so don’t play the card unless the effect is triggered.

- Galakrond's Might, the Hero Power for Galakrond once you’ve transformed, costs 2 mana to cast. Keep in mind - you still gain the effect from Invoke cards even if he’s already in play.

- Kronx Dragonhoof has four potential Devastations. Decimation deals 5 to the enemy Hero and heals yours by 5. Reanimation summons an 8/8 Dragon with Taunt. Domination gives all your other minions +2/+2. Annihilation deals 5 to all enemy minions. Depending on your game’s state, you’ll want to choose carefully - sometimes you just want to end it all, whereas on other occasions you need to clear the board of enemy threats.

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