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Evolve Shaman deck list guide - Saviors of Uldum - Hearthstone (October 2019)

Our guide to playing the new take on Evolve Shaman in the Doom in the Tomb era.

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Our Evolve Shaman deck list guide features the best Saviors of Uldum deck list for Season 67 of Hearthstone (October 2019). Our Evolve Shaman guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Evolve Shaman is far from being a new deck archetype in Hearthstone, but it's been out of the meta for a while after the loss of cards like Evolve and Unstable Evolution.

Evolve is finally back, and about time too. With the Doom in the Tomb event, the Shaman class has regained the ability to upgrade their minions by 1 mana, which can represent a whole bunch of value.

To get you started we've got an overview of the deck itself, detailed insight into how to actually play it, and Mulligan advice to help you pick your starting hand. We've also got a look at all the combos contained in this deck, and some final thoughts on card choices and possible substitutions.

Evolve Shaman deck list - Saviors of Uldum

2 x Mutate2 x Murmy
2 x Zap2 x Desert Hare
2 x Evolve2 x Sea Giant
1 x Lightning Bolt
2 x Sludge Slurper
2 x Voltaic Burst
2 x EVIL Totem
2 x Likkim
2 x Underbelly Angler
2 x Thunderhead
1 x Vessina
2 x Bloodlust
2 x Mogu Fleshshaper

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Deck Import ID: AAECAaoIAvkD5qUDDtMBkwn28AKP+wKc/wL2igOMlAO0lwPGmQPUpQP5pQPYqQPKqwPVyQMA

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As the deck list becomes refined, we will update the rest of this article so it reflects the latest competitive version of the deck.

General strategy

The strength of Evolve Shaman lies in getting minions on board and bumping their stats up to far higher than they should be. Cards with strong Battlecries and low stats are great here, such as Desert Hare, as well as cards whose cost can be reduced, like Mogu Fleshshaper.

This deck also makes use of a token-style gameplan, getting a wide board and boosting the small minions on it with Evolve, as well as damage boosting cards like Vessina and Bloodlust to finish off your enemy.

Early game: Get a board developed early, with minions like Sludge Slurper and Murmy. Likkim keeps enemies at bay, especially when you're overloaded from Zap, and EVIL Totem is a great generator of value, especially if it sticks on the board. If you can get away with it, Underbelly Angler is brutal when you play it alongside other Murlocs, giving you massive amounts of early-game tempo if you get lucky with the Murlocs generated.

Mid game: Thunderhead and Mogu Fleshshaper can be put on board now as well. Desert Hare into Evolve is a solid play for this point in the game too, upgrading three 1/1 minions into random 4-drops, buffing them by a big chunk. Your board presence should be growing massively - just be careful to avoid Evolving your 1-cost minions and totems, as there's a risk you'll come up with Doomsayers.

Late game: By this point you should be running away with things. If not, you'll struggle, but Sea Giant and Mogu Fleshshaper happen to work very strongly for late-game highrolls. Keep pushing damage to the face and hopefully you'll manage to push through to the end before a control deck turns the corner and stabilises.

Aggro opponents

These tips will give you an advantage over the aggro opponents you come up against:

  • 1. When contesting the board at the start of the game your buffed minions can outvalue theirs and give you the early advantage.
  • 2. The Sparks you can summon with Voltaic Burst and Thunderhead are ideal for trading into the other player’s low health minions.
  • 3. Saronite Chain Gang and Rain of Toads are both excellent cards to slow down aggro decks with.
  • 4. Hitting many of your minions with evolve effects from Thrall, Deathseer or Zentimo and Unstable Evolution will usually give you big advantages over the smaller creatures in aggro decks.
  • 5. If you find yourself in a position where you need a race, an early Bloodlust is usually better than holding off and leaving it too late for them to finish you off first.

Control opponents

Consider these tips and tricks when facing control decks:

  • 1. Take a more aggressive approach to the game and push for extra damage where you can to reduce their life total before they can stabilise.
  • 2. Be cautious of overcommitting on the board and running into a potential board clear. Save some resources so you can reload if needed.
  • 3. A huge burst of surprise damage through Bloodlust is your most likely win condition, so save it for when you have the kill in sight.
  • 4. Similarly, if you get a monstrous board from The Storm Bringer it’ll be very difficult for your opponent to get back into the game - even with their board clears.
  • 5. Eke out every last bit of damage you can to get ahead, even from seemingly inconsequential elements such as Sparks after the Rush restrictions no longer apply.

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Token Shaman Mulligan guide

These are some of the cards you’ll want to prioritise in your mulligan when playing Token Shaman:

  • 1. Sludge Slurper: A really solid one drop that’ll get you a Lackey along with it A great potential value generator.
  • 2. Voltaic Burst: A cheap spell that can kill off a lot of early game minions with ease
  • 3. EVIL Totem: Generates a Lackey and incrases in value exponentially if left alone.

Token Shaman tips, combos and synergies

Even if you played a great deal of Token Shaman in the past, you'll want to re-familiarise yourself with all of the new and old combos. Whenever we update our recommended deck list we'll also make sure those changes are taken into account in this section.

- Each time you play a card with Overload, Thunderhead will summon a pair of 1 / 1 minions with Rush, meaning they can attack enemy minions but not the enemy hero on the turn they appear. Overload cards in this deck include Voltaic Burst and Zap.

- Bloodlust is one of your core finishers in this deck and will grant all minions on the board a temporary Attack bonus of three. Do your sums very carefully to ensure you do not overlook lethal damage.

- When The Storm Bringer is cast all of your active minions will be transformed into randomly chosen Legendary minions.

- Mogu Fleshshaper goes down in cost by 1 mana for each minion on board. You'll often be able to take advantage of its Rush ability and Evolve it on the same turn.

- Vessina increases your minions' attack by 2 when you're Overloaded, meaning with a board of small tokens you can hit face for a huge amount of damage with a cheap Overload card.

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  • Bedders #1 2 years ago
    @oDrew Interesting, I'll try and give this one a roadtest this week.
  • oDrew #2 2 years ago
    I've been having decent success with this deck in mid-ranks (15-10) with a slightly different version:

    2 x Evolve
    1 x Unstable Evolution
    1 x Devolve
    2 x Flametongue Totem
    2 x Jade Claws
    2 x Malestrom Portal
    1 x Murmuring Elemental
    2 x Primalfin Totem
    1 x Far Sight
    2 x Mana Tide Totem
    1 x Hex
    2 x Jade Lightening
    1 x Thrall, Deathseer
    1 x Aya Blackpaw
    1 x Grumble, Worldshaker
    2 x Nerubian Prophet
    2 x Thing From Below

    1 x Fire Fly
    1 x Saronite Chain Gang
    1 x Dopplegangster

    I know Nerubian Prophet isn't popular, but what I like about it is the consistent cost reduction that doesn't require anything besides drawing it. Plus, 6-cost minions either become 8 drops with Thrall or 10 drops with Murmuring Elemental + Thrall, and with 10-drops there is much less risk of rolling terrible value.

    Ideally, you draw a Creeper plus minion-generating minions (Primalfin, Fire Fly) early to discount it as quickly as possible, plus an early Prophet to get the discount going. Then, you can use an early Evolve to get an 8 drop, and save your Prophets for free 8 drops or 10 drops with Thrall or Murmuring + Thrall.

    If you're playing against a class with poor waveclear, you can get lots of value with 2-turn combos like Dopple + Grumble, Saronite + Grumble, etc.
  • grobson #3 3 years ago
    Bonemare isn't in the deck list.
  • nkreps #4 3 years ago
    Two questions: first, how does Bloodsail Corsair buff your weapon? Secret battlecry? Second, I don't get dropping down to one devolve. It just does so much damage to your opponent, and taunt is so prevalent right now. With Bloodlust frequently serving as the win condition in this deck, I almost prefer devolve to evolve. (So you devolve to remove the taunt minions, cast bloodlust, and go face for lethal.) In practice, dropping one devolve has really led to more wins?
  • Bedders #5 3 years ago
    The deck list has been updated with the most popular version in play. The rest of the guide has also been updated to reflect those changes.

    I know some of you like to be able to reference the previous version of any given deck, so here's the last one! I'll be keeping a close eye on this as there are improvements to this archetype pretty much every day:


    2 x Evolve
    1 x Devolve
    2 x Flametongue Totem
    2 x Jade Claws
    2 x Maelstrom Portal
    2 x Primalfin Totem
    2 x Mana Tide Totem
    2 x Jade Lightning
    2 x Bloodlust
    1 x Aya Blackpaw
    1 x Thrall, Deathseer
    2 x Thing from Below


    2 x Bloodsail Corsair
    2 x Fire Fly
    1 x Patches the Pirate
    1 x Drakkari Enchanter
    1 x Saronite Chain Gang
    2 x Doppelgangster
  • Bedders #6 3 years ago
    @grobson Hi there - good spot, thanks! I meant Evolve and have made the change. Not sure why the card isn't showing up, I'll have to have a poke around in the system and see what's going on here.
  • grobson #7 3 years ago
    Devolve would give 4 mana minions, not sure if you meant that or Evolve instead for six mana. All the Evolve links seem to be broken also.
  • BetaMomb #8 3 years ago
    Should update this decklist to include the Evolve/Devolve/Doppelgangster package, they're the whole reason the deck is Tier 1 in the first place.
  • Bedders #9 3 years ago
    I've just given this another checking over for meta-relevance and...nothing's changed! The deck list's settled down now, so just carry on as you were. It's a bit of a middling deck though, so you might want to think about switching over to Token Druid if you like the playstyle, but are struggling to make progress on the ladder.
  • PioMoggo #10 3 years ago
    @erikmuench38 I'm not sure if the Patches package is still worth running if you don't have Patches. But you can try running Glacial Shard. Or a Bloodsail Corsair. Or maybe even try cutting a few of the cards for the murloc package, the Finja + Warleader + Bluegill. Warleader has good synergy with Prinalfin as well.
  • Bedders #11 3 years ago
    @erikmuench38 I'm not sure whether to suggest you replace them with your best 1-Mana early game minions (to start spreading the board), or your best Charge minions so you get the greater amount of burst damage later on. Obviously you have to consider the Mana impact of playing later cards alongside Bloodlust.

    I played this deck enough to understand the way it works for the purposes of a starter guide, but not dozens of games by any means. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  • erikmuench38 #12 3 years ago
    What can you sub for Patches, and then I guess Deckhand?
  • Kiriderik #13 3 years ago
    It looks like this wasn't updated for Season 34, yet. In your update, if you continue to not include Dopplegangster, Big-Time Racketeer, and for synergy with those, Brann, I'd be curious about your reasoning. They seem made for Evolve Shaman as much as Dopplegangster does with Buff Paladin.