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ESL Hearthstone Katowice 2015 - Orange vs Amaz decklists - Hearthstone

All the decks used in this year's ESL tournament final in Katowice.

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Yesterday's ESL Hearthstone tournament in Katowice ended in a shock final that saw relative newcomer Jon 'Orange' Westberg beat established streamer Jason 'Amaz' Chan 3-0 to take the grand $13,000 prize home - not to mention a step closer to the Hearthstone World Championship as well.

If you're curious to see precisely which decks were used to win the tournament, you can find all of the confirmed cards used in each player's set of three decks below. Note that the full decklists have yet to be released by the tournament's organisers, and so we can only display those cards that appeared during play.

We'll update this article if it emerges that any particularly interesting deck variations were used in the final. Until then, it seems safe to assume that any of the more common single cards featured below can be doubled up to account for some of the missing numbers.

ESL Hearthstone Katowice 2015 - Orange's decks


ESL Hearthstone Katowice 2015 - Amaz's decks


ESL Hearthstone Katowice 2015 - Amaz vs Orange

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  • warnerve #1 7 years ago
    Did you see this nerd cum in his pants when he oiled pro effing pro......I did that on the ladder 50 times with the same lame deck.....get real