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Elemental Shaman deck list guide - Forged in the Barrens - Hearthstone (April 2021)

Our guide to playing the supercharged Elemental Shaman in the Barrens meta.

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Our Elemental Shaman deck list guide features the best Forged in the Barrens deck list for Season 85 of Hearthstone (April 2021). Our Elemental Shaman guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Elemental Shaman is a Hearthstone deck that's seen a little bit of play in the past, but is now making a small comeback during Forged in the Barrens.

While it's built on old foundations, this new version of an old archetype makes room for some of the biggest new Shaman cards. The end result is a deck that looks - on paper at least - to be a reasonable performer in the new meta.

To help you get started with this new take on an old favourite, we've put together a starter guide which contains the latest competitive deck list, Mulligan advice, and a closer look at the combos contained in the deck.

We'll expand on all areas of this guide considerably if the deck proves more popular over time.

UPDATE - Forged in the Barrens

It's been quite a long time since Elemental Shaman was a big deal in Hearthstone, so in the latest update we've completely overhauled our deck guide. If this one proves to be more than a flash in the pan we'll flesh it out with more strategy advice in the next update.

Elemental Shaman deck list and strategy

Although Elemental Shaman is on the fringes of the meta right now, this is the version of the deck that's seeing the most competitive play this month:

2 x Font of Power2 x Devolving Missiles
2 x Runed Orb2 x Primordial Studies
2 x Incanter's Flow2 x Brain Freeze
2 x Cram Session1 x C'Thun, the Shattered
2 x Arcane Intellect
2 x Combustion
1 x Deck of Lunacy
2 x Refreshing Spring Water
2 x Fireball
2 x Ring Toss
2 x Apexis Blast
2 x Flamestrike

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAf0EAr/gA5PhAw7BuAOMuQOBvwPgzAPHzgPNzgOU0QP30QPr3gPQ7APR7AP8ngT9ngT+ngQA

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The rest of this guide refers to information from previous expansions at present.

Elemental Shaman Mulligan guide

These are the early game minions you’ll want to look for to get off to a good start with Elemental Shaman:

  • 1. Menacing Nimbus: A decent early minion for the board that generates further value thanks to its Battlecry.
  • 2. Fire Fly: A solid turn one drop that can synergise with a number of your turn two plays.
  • 3. Tar Creeper: A stalwart of the transition into the mid-game that can prove immensely frustating for fast opponents in particular.
  • 4. Fire Plume Harbinger: Play this once you have a decent collection of Elemental minions in your hand.
  • 5. Earthen Might: Make your early minions stickier, and hopefully get another card for your collection at the same time.

Elemental Shaman tips, combos and synergies

There are lots of new combos to consider with the Rastakhan take on Elemental Shaman, so try to make the following plays second nature as quickly as you can.

- Combine Earthen Might with an Elemental like Fire Fly to build a bigger presence on the board and refresh your hand at the same time.

- Tar Creeper's extra Attack strength is only in play during your opponent's turn, so make sure you factor that into your calculations.

- Fire Plume Harbinger has a powerful Battlecry that reduces the cost of every Elemental in your hand by one Mana.

- Use Bog Slosher to cycle your powerful early-game Battlecry minions back into your hand, and make them stronger at the same time!

- Tol'vir Stoneshaper, Servant of Kalimos, Kalimos, Primal Lord and Blazecaller all have an extra effect if you played an Elemental on the previous turn. The token generated by Fire Fly is particularly important in this regard.

- When Shudderwock is played, all of your Battlecry effects from earlier in the game are re-cast once more!

- Once you've put Hagatha the Witch into play, your new Bewitched! hero power will add a random Shaman spell to your hand every time you put a minion out on the board.

Elemental Shaman card choices and substitutions

Elemental Shaman is a very expensive deck in terms of dust cost, so we’ve picked out some key cards as well as any potential replacements if you need cheaper options.

  • Earthen Might: Can generate some excellent value if you get this on one of your early game Elemental cards.
  • Flametongue Totem: Can buff your early game minions so they’re capable of trading up against stronger targets.
  • Lightning Storm: A way to shut down aggro decks that are getting out of hand. You only have one copy though so use it wisely.
  • Mana Tide Totem: Huge card draw potential. Played behind taunts or into an empty board is the most ideal scenario, though you can simply cycle it if you’re desperate for cards.
  • Zola the Gorgon: The extra copy of certain minions in this deck can be very nice, though it isn’t really an essential part of the deck. Replace with any other solid minion such as Fire Elemental or Hot Spring Guardian.
  • Corpsetaker: Your deck includes every keyword on this card so you’ll get everything for some impressive value. If you don’t have this card consider Rotten Applebaum.
  • Hex: Some of the best hard removal in the game. Save it for particularly dangerous and troublesome cards.
  • Doomhammer: Can swing away at cheap minions to clear them from the board or go for an opponent’s life total if there are no other threats.
  • Al’Akir the Windlord: Ideally you’ll want to use this as a big burst damage finisher, though with Divine Shield it can be effective at clearing minions in a pinch too. Fire Elemental can go in its place but is nowhere near as powerful.
  • Hagatha the Witch: The three damage to all minions effect can be one last gasp at clearing the board if you need it, but the upgraded hero power is vitally important too to keep you stocked with resources in the late game.
  • Shudderwock: Can become an absolute powerhouse if it grabs multiple Battlecry effects you’ve played this turn and thus is an important part of the deck.

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  • aravindsharma08 #1 4 years ago
    Is there a reason why Southsea Deckhand isn't good to kee in Mulligan?
  • Bedders #2 4 years ago
    @Bludsh0t I'm just about to put the Unite the Murlocs guide live and it's terrifying to look at. Anyone hoping for a break from Shaman this time around is going to be very disappointed.
  • Bludsh0t #3 4 years ago
    not much card draw in that deck, but it could be strong. I think the new hunter quest deck will be stronger but time will tell