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Aggro Paladin deck list guide - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone (April 2019)

How to climb the Rise of Shadows ladder using the latest incarnation of Aggro Paladin.

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Our Aggro Paladin deck list guide features the best Rise of Shadows deck list for Season 61 of Hearthstone (April 2019). Our Aggro Paladin guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Aggro Paladin is a Hearthstone deck type that's built around the strategy of getting minor minions out onto the board as quickly as possible, then transforming them into game-winning powerhouses using various buffing effects.

In our Aggro Paladin guide we've highlighted a pretty well established version of this deck, and also outlined some of the strategy involved behind playing it. After that we've got a few tips for making it through the Mulligan stage, before we highlight all of the many combos and synergies that you can use to destroy your opponent.

Struggling with any aspect of this deck? Let us know what's tripping you up in the comments and we'll do our best to help you out!


Aggro Paladin is making a return in Rise of Shadows, and we wanted to bring you an early version of the deck that makes use of the new cards! This version was created for launch by DisguisedToast:

Rise of Shadows Aggro Paladin Deck List

2 x Autodefense Matrix2 x Argent Squire
2 x Blessing of Might2 x Secretkeeper
2 x Never Surrender2 x Knife Juggler
2 x Noble Sacrifice2 x Sunreaver Spy
2 x Redemption2 x Masked Contender
2 x Mysterious Blade1 x Leeroy Jenkins
1 x Commander Rhyssa
2 x Bellringer Sentry
2 x Blessing of Kings
2 x Truesilver Champion

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Note that the rest of this article refers to an earlier version of the deck. It’ll take us a while to get the whole site up to speed with all the changes, but you should still find the general advice useful!

Aggro Paladin deck list and strategy

Here's a version of Aggro Paladin that's proving pretty potent at this late stage of the Kobolds meta. The creator of this deck is unknown.

2 x Blessing of Might2 x Argent Squire
2 x Lost in the Jungle2 x Dire Mole
2 x Righteous Protector2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
2 x Divine Favor2 x Knife Juggler
2 x Rallying Blade2 x Stubborn Gastropod
2 x Unidentified Maul2 x Spellbreaker
2 x Blessing of Kings1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Call to Arms
1 x Sunkeeper Tarim

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Deck Import ID: AAECAZ8FAq8EucECDkanBfIF9QWvB9kHsQjZrgLmwgK4xwLjywL40gKL5QLW5QIA

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You'll find the bulk of our advice for playing Aggro Paladin in the tips and combos section towards the bottom of this page. Once you've a solid understanding of the many synergies that exist in this deck, you'll have much of the information you need for taking it to the ladder.

We will outline a few important points right here though.

  • As an aggro deck it is absolutely vital that you get an early presence on the board so you can start applying pressure immediately.
  • With that said, it's still important that you make any value trades against the opponent's minions which will ultimately leave you in charge of the board.
  • You may need to do some minion trading, so always watch how you position Dire Wolf Alpha. You may want the buff to cycle between multiple minions as they're sacrificed, after all. Keep big stuff on the left, and little stuff on the right.
  • Understand your opponent's possible upcoming AOE effects and be ready to hold stuff back. You do want to tease those spells out though, so start piling throwaway Hero Power minions onto the board.
  • Silencing and hard removal spells are going to be a think in the Kobolds meta. For that reason you should spread the love when it comes to buffs, and aim to boost up a varied board instead of going all-in on one minion.
  • Keep doing the maths about the damage potential in your hand, as you must choose the right moment to switch all of your damage to the opponent's health pool. If you have lots of slow answers in your hand, keep controlling a little. If you've nothing but damage output though, push to the finishing line and let the opponent worry about the board.

Aggro Paladin Mulligan guide

The old advice applies in the new version of Aggro Paladin: look to curve out neatly with your smallest minions, and if you get a Divine Shield-heavy start place greater value on Rallying Blade.

In this context, Righteous Protector and Argent Squire are amazing keeps, and Lost in the Jungle will give you an immediate fast start on the board. Dire Mole's another great keep as is Call to Arms, but only if you've something to play on the earlier turns.

Aggro Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Let's run through all of the combos you have to play with in the Kobolds and Catacombs version of Aggro Paladin. These should be all the tips you need to get started with the deck.

- Try to empty your hand as much as possible before playing Divine Favor, especially against slower opponents. This will ensure you get a much fatter re-fuelling of your hand!

- All minions with Divine Shield will gain a bonus +1 / +1 of stats when you play Rallying Blade. Cards like Righteous Protector and Argent Squire have immediate synergy here.

- You have a lot of two-Mana minions in this deck, and Call to Arms will grab three such minions left in your deck and pull them onto the board right away.

- Watch your positioning of Dire Wolf Alpha. You may need to send multiple minions into a problematic target, and you'll want to cycle the buff onto a new minion that's sacrificing themselves for the cause.

- With Knife Juggler on the board, every subsequently summoned minion will cause a randomly target single point of damage to be thrown either at any enemy minion or the opponent's Health pool.

- Here are the bonus effects it's possible for Unidentified Maul to acquire as it passes from your deck list and into your hand:

  • Purifier's Maul - Give your minions Divine Shield.
  • Sacred Maul - Give your minions Taunt.
  • Champion's Maul - Summon two 1 / 1 Silver Hand Recruits.
  • Blessed Maul - Give your minions +1 Attack.

- Sunkeeper Tarim sets the Health and Attack stats of every minion - your own and your opponent's - to 3. If your minions are bubbled, this obviously provides a huge opportunity to clear the enemy's board down, but do watch out for AOE effects on the opponent's next turn.

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  • Bedders #1 4 years ago
    @grobson Fixed - thanks.
  • grobson #2 4 years ago
    Knife Juggler is misspelled, link is broken.
  • mikekoopmans50 #3 4 years ago
    Glad to be of help :). And I do fully understand the difficulties of making deck lists when a new set arrives. Only suggestion I would have is that you could take a more conservative approach with the deck lists you post, using only small sprinkles of almost guaranteed improvements, and leave the experimental stuff out and mention them in the articles or something. Adding a list of potentially strong new additions could work too. Something like that :).
  • Bedders #4 4 years ago
    @mikekoopmans50 No worries, I don't take it as bashing at all! I do take care to stress that you should be exceptionally careful with crafting dust at launch. I also give give guidance on those Legendaries that are featuring in multiple deck types (like The Lich King), but at the same time I have to be careful not to contradict myself in terms of that cautionary advice.

    All taken on board though. I know our comments system isn't ideal but I wish we had more insight like yours shared here as that helps everyone out in the early days!
  • mikekoopmans50 #5 4 years ago
    Really surprised by the pirates in this deck. I see more value in a single Blood Knight than Dread Corsair personally, and maybe two Consecration. It is logical to try out lots of things at the start of a new expansion, but I think that maybe a more conservative approach (with a little less Frozen Throne cards, and a little more established cards) would work better. This would also save players with a small amount of dust the disappointment of creating loads of cards that just don't cut it in the long run.

    Experimentation on a larger scale is more suited for a very small audience that has loads of dust to spend, and I don't think that audience is your main target with these articles. Your audience is probably better off with small and almost guaranteed improvements coming from the new set. Like: anyone can see that the Lich King is incredible (not for this deck, but in general), so you can't go wrong there. But something like Bolvar or Arrogant Crusader are a different thing entirely.

    But please don't mistake my view on this for bashing your work (I really enjoy all the articles a lot); it is just my opinion. :)
  • spackerhappy #6 5 years ago
    I'd also consider including one Sword of Justice. I brilliant buffs many of these smaller drops and makes it much harder to remove them. plus on turn three also gives you an opp to clear one damage for tempo. used it to great effect almost every play
  • OpticalPrime #7 5 years ago
    Why wouldnt the +2+2 2 mana minion summon skill be used here? Seems to go directly to this decks philosophy. Buffs early minion while adding another potentially potent early minion to the board to deal with.
  • brokkr #8 6 years ago
    In my experience, keeping shields up is key. After your third minion, better to sactifice a weenie than a shield. Make the pesky little buggers so hard to clear. Blood knight is great but it does tend to finally give your opponent a valid target for that hex/poly/shadow word death that would otherwise sit useless in their hand. I'm also trying out Stand Against Darkness which is crap when played alone but has won me games if steward is on the board (and followed up by rallying blade!)
  • army-24-ranger #9 6 years ago
    Why on earth would you not put Duskboar in this deck? seems like a major oversight.
  • Bacchus #10 6 years ago
    OMG loved playing the Aggro Paladin, didn't have Leeroy but it didn't matter. THX
  • Bedders #11 6 years ago
    @planex09 These decks are going through a lot of revisions at the moment as the metagame is changing and everyone works out what's best. In this instance a remnant of a different deck got left behind.

    Rest assured a huge amount of work goes into these guides but this is a one-man operation, a huge number of changes are sweeping the game and the occasional mistake will happen now and in the future - however regrettable that might be. Thanks for letting me know about this one so I could change it.
  • planex09 #12 6 years ago
    You talk about playing Seal of Champions, but it's not in this deck list... do you guys even look at this stuff before you publish it?
  • ZoltanUpInTheSky #13 6 years ago
    getting smoked with this deck...
  • ryanwordsmith50 #14 6 years ago
    I don't have leeroy or King Mukla, so I subbed them with Argent Champion x2. Cost is around the same and he's just as aggressive.
  • joaocunha35 #15 6 years ago
    Would you ever consider using seal of champions?
  • jonasÅstrand34 #16 6 years ago
    "- If things really go pear-shaped, you can always rely on that good-old combo of Equality and Consecration to buy yourself some breathing space."

    I don't see how, since there's no Equality in the deck :P
  • tunifish17 #17 6 years ago
    What would be a decent replacement for leeroy jenkins?
  • silverlight100 #18 7 years ago
    Is that the right decklist? You refer to Quartermaster and Equality but neither are in the deck....
  • Bedders #19 7 years ago
    Yeah Bolvar's amazing, you've only just reminded me how rare it is to see him these days!
  • King_of_Hyrule #20 7 years ago
    Interesting deck, faster than midrange pally but slower than the "shockaddin" style decks which run divine favor. Will be interesting to see if the deck doesn't run out of steam too quickly without divine favor. Running double equality will definitely help getting those solemn vigil discounts. Sad to see than even in this deck Bolvar isn't considered, his intro music is so epic!