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Announcement on Druid changes expected this week - Hearthstone

Team 5 have “considered options” on how to handle the Druid infestation.

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If you've been getting exasperated at the endless stream of Druids on the Hearthstone ladder right now, then we've some good news for you.

Game director Ben Brode has publicly acknowledged that the team are considering some options for improving the situation, and will have more to share with the community at some point this week.

The news was announced on Twitter late yesterday evening

What form these changes might actually take is very much a topic of intense speculation right now.

Many have pointed the finger of blame at Innervate, which allows the Druid to reach up into some of Hearthstone's most powerful new cards far too early on in a match, and significantly empower the Jade Golem mechanic.

Others feel the interactions between cards like Fandral Staghelm, Ultimate Infestation and Jade Idol are just too strong, and Innervate merely compounds the problem.

As soon as we have any news to share about Blizzard's intentions, we'll add a news post to the homepage.

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