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Top scorers from the Fortnite Winter Royale Qualifiers confirmed

Find out who finished top dog in the first phase of this year's competition.

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The Qualifiers stage of the Fortnite Winter Royale tournament concluded this weekend, and the top 200 players from the European and North American regions have now been confirmed.

Over here in Europe-land, it was player LeStream Skite who came out on top with 42 points. Along with points for eliminations, that included bonus points for an impressive five wins out of twelve matches played in total.

In the North America region, TB Fulmer took the lead with 41 points, managing to achieve a similarly impressive three wins out of nine qualifying matches.

Here are the top ten finishers for each region:


1LeStream Skite42512
3FA Ares40410
5Le afek3839
6MCES Orkh38214
7Twitch beehive3649
8Atlantis Mitr036410
9LeStream Vato36313

North America

1TB Fulmer4139
3faultur is bald3849
5Twitch Piikaa37411
6Ghost Bizzle37413
9Tristan Hipp36511

Congratulations to all qualifiers. If you'd like to view the top 200 for each region, head over to the official Winter Royale tournament page.

Next up are the finals themselves. The qualifying EU players will now take part in two heats on Friday 30th November, with the first session beginning at 4:00pm GMT. The Grand Finals will then play out starting at 5:00pm on Saturday 1st December.

There's a pause after that before the North America finalists get stuck into each other. The first of two heats on Tuesday 11th December begins at 3:00pm EST, with the regional Grand Finals wrapping things up at 5:00pm on Wednesday 12th December.

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