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SEN Aspect & Envy LeNain win Week 3 of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish

Fort Knights fight back to take top spot on the Club charts.

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Players SEN Aspect and Envy LeNain have won Week 3 of the Fortntie Fall Skirmish, pocketing $67,500 in prize money thanks to an impressive 305 point score - almost 100 points clear of the runner-up duo of Psalm and Ghost Bizzle.

This weekend's action saw 20 Duo teams compete for glory across a total of six matches. A combination of each team's finishing position, along with the number of eliminations scored in each match, were used to determine points earned in each round.

Here's the top ten results chart for Week 3, including teams, prize money, the points earned in each case, and the Club that each team was representing:

1SEN ASPECT / ENVY LENAIN$67,500Lucky Llamas305
2PSALM / GHOST BIZZLE$47,500Fort Knights215
3NICOVALD / GHOST SAF$36,250Bush Bandits165
4TINARAES / GS CEICE$25,000Fort Knights115
5F3 QLARIFY / LG KREO$20,000Rift Raiders90
6THAT GUY BARNEY / VIVID$15,000Lucky Llamas70
8TWITCH CHRISPY / FAZE CLOAK$10,000Rift Raiders45
9TWITCH.AN2NY / JOSEPH IS CUTE$8,750Rift Raiders40
10THEGIRLTV / FAZE TENNPO$7,500Fort Knights35

Head over to the official Fortnite Fall Skirmish site if you'd like to see the full results from Week 3.

At the start of the six-week tournament players were seeded into one of five Clubs. Clubs earn points based on the performance of their members in any given week.

The Bush Bandits had been enjoying a clear lead in the Club standings, thanks to an impressive performance in Week 2 which saw five members claim a position in the Top 10.

The tide has turned as a result of this weekend's play, however, with the Fort Knights nudging Bush Bandits into second place with a 2,180 point total. Despite a better performance in Week 3, Lucky Llamas still remain in last place with 1,460 points.

There's everything to play for as we approach the second half of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish though. As soon as we have details of Week 4's competition format, we'll add a post to the homepage.

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