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Not Tfue wins Week 4 of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish

Lucky Llamas put in a solid performance to escape bottom slot on the Club leaderboard.

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Not Tfue has won Week 4 of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, pocketing $37,500 for his first place finish and 170 Club points for the Rift Raiders.

Week 4 shook the format up a bit by going right back to basics. In this weekend's play, participating players went at each other one on one in the Solo format, although there were some generous rewards on offer in the appropriately named Big Bonus event.

$7,500 in additional prize money was awarded for each elimination achieved after the first seven in any given round, as well as a single extra Club point.

Liquid Poach was the sole lucky recipient of this bonus cash, and managed to pick it up twice. Poach also took third place in the leaderboards overall, earning another $25,000.

Here's how the top ten looked at the end of the event. Check out the official Fortnite Fall Skirmish site for an overview of how the full roster finished up:

1NOT TFUE$37,500Rift Raiders170
2LIQUID VIVID$30,000Lucky Llamas170
3LIQUID POACH$25,000Lucky Llamas115
4SEN ASPECT$22,500Lucky Llamas100
5LG BEESOX$20,000Dusty Dogs90
6NATE HILL$17,500Dusty Dogs80
7NOX_THE_FOX.TTV$15,000Fort Knights70
8100T KENITH$12,500Dusty Dogs55
9REVERSE2K$11,250Bush Bandits50
10EU AMAIZE$8,750Rift Raiders40

Despite a decent showing in the top five, the Lucky Llamas are still low down the list in the overall Club rankings. Here's how things look at the end of Week 4:

  • Bush Bandits - 2815 Points
  • Fort Knights - 2730 Points
  • Dusty Dogs - 2515 Points
  • Lucky Llamas - 2195 Points
  • Rift Raiders - 2090 Points

Week 5 of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish will begin on Friday. As soon as we have format details and timings we'll run a post on the homepage so you know what to expect and when to tune in.

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