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Fortnite's V9.30 Patch Notes reveal Chug Splash and new LTMs

New consumable item provides AOE team healing.

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The patch notes for V9.30 of Fortnite were revealed earlier this morning, and it looks as though a handy new AOE healing item is being added to the game.

Called the Chug Splash, this six-pack of an indeterminate beverage can be lobbed at team mates to give everyone a little bit of splash healing in a pinch.

The developers have released a video of the new consumable item in action, which we've embedded for you here:

All players caught up in the area-of-effect will receive 20 Health (or Shield if they're already at max Health). Note that any enemies caught up in the effect will also be healed or shielded as well.

The Chug Splash is available in Rare quality only, drops in a stack of two, and you can carry a maximum of six in total. Expect to find them via the usual looting mechanics.

There are some changes for the Limited Time Mode rotation as well. Duos will be able to take part in Sniper Shootout, which features sniper rifles - and nothing but sniper rifles.

Meanwhile the Trio LTM queue will consist of Classic three-man Battle Royale. Team up for a Squad match and you'll be able to take part in Solid Gold. Here you'll have access to nothing but the meatiest Legendary weapons.

As always there's the usual dollop of game tweaks and UI improvements included with the patch. Head over to the official announcement for the lowdown on what's changing.

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