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Fortnite's latest patch adds revamped Tactical Shotgun

It made the most of its time off.

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Fortnite’s latest patch has reintroduced the Tactical Shotgun, but this time it’s sporting a new Epic and Legendary look.

It still holds eight shells in the magazine and has exactly the same fire rate, but deals significantly more damage. The Epic version is capable of dishing out 83 max damage, while the Legendary version can hit for 87 maximum damage.

Epic’s also fine-tuned the Combat Shotgun, reducing its Headshot multiplier and overall long range effectiveness. It’s a welcome change which should put an end to this weapon’s reign of terror, and reintroduce some much-needed variety back into the shotgun pool.

It’ll be interesting to see if players opt to use the Tactical Shotgun over the Combat Shotgun now that the latter has been nerfed a little. Considering the latter's main strength lay in its outrageous range, we'd say it's likely the meta will shift slightly.

Elsewhere, the Suppressed Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle has been vaulted while the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle has been unvaulted. Epic hasn't provided any explanation as to why, but it's likely down to lack of real difference between the two. Perhaps it needs time to give the Suppressed version more of a unique identity.

Elsewhere there are plenty of gameplay changes and bug fixes, all of which you can find over on the official patch notes page.

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