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Fortnite World Cup Warmup announced alongside planned Competitive improvements

Epic Games continues to push Fortnite's competitive side.

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Epic Games recently announced that the Fortnite World Cup Online tournament would begin on April 13th. Before that happens though, it looks as though we'll be able to tuck into something called the Fortnite World Cup Warmup event.

It’s a last chance practice tournament featuring a $500,000 prize pool, and the semi-finals will be held on Saturday 6th April.

Any Duo who manage to reach Division 6 in the Contender’s League in Arena Mode will also be able to jump in during the three hour event window. The top 1,500 Duos in each region will then advance to the finals on Sunday 7th April.

For players who’ve been used to stretching their resolution in competitive matches, Epic Games has some bad news. It’s locking Fortnite’s aspect ratio to 16:9 for Arena and in-game tournaments only, in the hopes that it’ll extinguish any arguments surrounding unfair gameplay advantages.

This'll be sure to rile up many pro players who've been practicing with stretched resolutions only to be told that it's no longer viable.

Elsewhere, Epic Games has heard player feedback on long queue times when waiting for a match in Arena Mode. Players will now be able to play a public match, or mess around in Creative mode to stave off the boredom.

Performance improvements to reduce uneven framerates, hitching and late game stutters are in the works too.

Head over to Epic’s official announcement page for a complete overview of everything that’s on the way.

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