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Fortnite World Cup 2019 guide: Schedule, results, players and fixtures

Everything you need to know about Fortnite's first World Cup tournament.

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Our Fortnite World Cup 2019 guide contains an overview of the event, with schedules, results, players and fixtures too.

All the details for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 has been released by Epic, with the first rounds now getting underway. There’s a juicy prize pool of $100m available for the first season of play, so all of the community’s very best players are getting stuck into the action.

In our guide to the event, we’ve got an overview of all the information you need. You’ll find details on the schedule, standings, teams and results so you can keep on top of all the important stuff.

We’ll endeavour to update this guide as each week’s action comes to close, so bear with us on this front!


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Fortnite World Cup: How to watch

The Fortnite World Cup is streamed over on Fortnite's official Twitch channel and you can catch up on any action you've missed via its VODs.

Below we've embedded a link to Fortnite's Twitch channel so you can watch the competition from the comfort of this page.

Fortnite World Cup: Quick Overview

Here’s a quick look at how the Fortnite World Cup works. There’s a lengthy qualifying event, followed by a finals weekend.

Online Qualifiers

The online qualifiers take place between 13th April to 16th June and each week there’s a $1 million prize pool.

The qualifying period lasts a total of 10 weeks and the highest ranked players in each region will advance to the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

For an in-depth look, the official online qualifiers page has everything you need.

World Cup Finals

The World Cup culminates on a finals weekend live in New York, beginning on 26th July and ending on the 28th.

There’s an eye-watering $30 million prize pool up for grabs and it’ll feature all of the top players from the qualifiers doing battle to see who’s truly the best in the world.

Fortnite World Cup: Schedule

Below we’ve put together a timeline of the event, complete with dates and the type of event too.

For an in-depth schedule breakdown, the official Fortnite page has you covered.


  • Week 1 (Solos): 13-14th
  • Week 2 (Duos): 20-21st
  • Week 3 (Solos): 27-28th


  • Week 4 (Duos): 4-5th
  • Week 5 (Solos): 11-12th
  • Week 6 (Duos): 18-19th
  • Week 7 (Solos): 25-26th


  • Week 8 (Duos): 1-2nd
  • Week 9 (Solos): 8-9th
  • Week 10 (Duos): 15-16th


  • World Cup Finals: 26-28th

Fortnite World Cup: Standings

Here are the top 10 standings for EU and NA East and West.

Head on over to Epic’s page for standings across every region.

Europe (Week 6 Duos)

1E11 Tschiiinken + E11 Stompy105$10,000
2Solary Airwaks + Solary Niko98$8,000
3NRG benjyfishy + NRG MrSavageM92$6,500
4Solary Hunter + Solary Kinstaar89$5,000
5Lnuef + Quinten89$4,500
6Secret_Mongraal + Atlantis Mitr088$4,000
7VP 7ssk7 + VP JAMSIDE86$3,500
8BTL Orange + BTL Xoxo86$3,000
9RBK Zyppaan + RBK Ritz85$2,500
10LeStream Skite + LeStream Vato85$2,000

NA-WEST (Week 6 Duos)

1S2 little + S2 jay102$6,500
2Ghost Sean + Ghost Aydan96$5,500
3Love Voxie + Love SiaSark93$4,750
4DooM TRose + DooM Spectro92$4,000
5Pearl + 4DRStormOG90$3,500
6Arkhram1x + Bloom Falconer89$3,000
7spook + spideyy88$2,500
8E11 Vicaros + E11 Vic88$2,000
9Nolan + Endo81$1,500
10Bolt dade + Bolt Jonny81$1,000

NA-EAST (Week 6 Duos)

1100T Ceice + 100T Elevate99$10,000
2coL Lanjok + coL Punisher94$8,000
3NRG Zayt + Ghost Saf94$6,500
4MSF Clix + MSF Sceptic89$5,000
5FaZe Megga. + FaZe Dubs.88$4,500
6yung calculator + msf ops.87$4,000
7Ninja + Reverse2k86$3,500
8Ghost Dmo + Ghost Bizzle86$3,000
9grandmateets + outcast deez lol83$2,500
10Rogue Morg + Barcodekiller83$2,000

Fortnite World Cup: Who has qualified for the finals?

Solo Qualified Players

Week 1

  • Slaya
  • CODE TOP-FaxFox
  • E11 Stompy
  • TQ Prisi0n3r0
  • NRG benjyfishy
  • Gambit.letw1k3
  • LDLC Nayte
  • S2V DiegoGB
  • DRG
  • QUASAR leleo
  • SEN Bugha
  • Dubs fn
  • Ghost Bizzle
  • TSM_Comadon
  • 100T Ceice
  • snow xd
  • Liquid Riversan

Week 3

  • Cat taking walls
  • TOP_Banny
  • luKi tjk
  • COOLER LeftEye
  • Fledermoys
  • Tchub_
  • TTVCoreGamingg
  • wakie.
  • FACT lolb0om
  • Secret_Domentos
  • ImLasers
  • kurтz
  • Tfue
  • Rise XXiF
  • TTV UnknownxArmy
  • FaZe Funk
  • NittleFN
  • CLG psalm
  • KNG EpikWhale
  • stepbro karhu

Week 5

  • Link
  • ㅤㅤㅤ
  • Meta Peterpan
  • Atlantis Lеtshe
  • AGO JarkoS
  • N47 Klusia
  • NRG MrSavageM
  • Ghost Issa
  • MGA Snayzy
  • Fnatic smeef
  • DualMedia BlastR
  • NRG Zayt
  • RogueShark_
  • kolorful ツ
  • FaZe Megga.
  • BuckeFPS
  • Klass.
  • WBG Rhux

Duos Qualified Players

Week 2

  • CoverH + MF Twizz
  • CR.bell + Scarlet No.1
  • NRG benjуfishу + NRG MrSavageM
  • Secret_Mongraal + Atlantis Mitr0
  • E11 Tschiiinken + E11 Stompy
  • Lootboy Mexe + Lootboy Skram
  • woofgang crimz + OT Spadess
  • MSF Clix MSF + Sceptic
  • Envy LeNain + LG Tyler15
  • W7M pfzin + Code W7M-Nicks
  • Arkhram1x + Bloom Falconer

Week 4

  • Gambit.fwexY + Gambit.letw1k3
  • COOLER Nyhrox + aqua.
  • VHV Crue + VHV Chapix.
  • GO Deаdrа + GO M11Z
  • NRG Zayt + Ghost Saf
  • Tempo Brush + Tempo CizLucky
  • Nate Hill + FaZe Funk
  • KNG Leno + KNG Barl

Fortnite World Cup: VODs

Below we'll be posting embeds of each week's action as the World Cup progresses.

Fortnite World Cup - Week 1 Finals

Fortnite World Cup - Week 2 Semis and Finals

Fortnite World Cup - Week 3 Semis and Finals

Fortnite World Cup - Week 4 Semis and Finals

Fortnite World Cup - Week 5 Semis and Finals

Fortnite World Cup - Week 6 Semis and Finals

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