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Fortnite V8.01 Patch Notes reveal Treasure Maps and a new Limited Time Mode

Find out what's coming to the game with the next update.

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Epic has just released the patch notes for V8.01 of Fortnite. Headline updates include the addition of Treasure Maps, along with a new Limited Time Mode called Slide Duos.

Treasure Maps mark, as you'd expect, the location of hidden loot spread here and there across the map. You'll need to find the X that marks the spot, then go dig up your booty with a pickaxe.

Slide Duos is a new game mode that gives everyone slippery feet and infinite ammo Grapplers. Expect this to be a pretty chaotic affair, with dramatically lowered environmental friction and a faster run speed. Thankfully, falling damage has at least been removed to compensate for this precarious gameplay.

A few other tweaks have been made to the game with the launch of V8.01 as well. The odds of grabbing an Infantry Rifle have been slightly lowered, for example, and you'll find it harder still to get hold of the Clinger. Finally, Bottle Rockets have been sent to the vault.

New events have also been added to the in-game tournament system, and there's the usual collection of system tweaks as well.

Check out the full patch notes for the complete lowdown on these, as well as updates to Creative mode and Free The World.

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