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Fortnite update v8.20 introduces a new Boom Bow weapon, Sniper Shootout LTM and more

Peppers are now juicier too.

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Epic has just released the patch notes for content update v8.20 - not to be confused with patch v8.20 - which has introduced the Boom Bow weapon, Sniper Shootout LTM and a number of tweaks and bug fixes.

Easily one of the most interesting additions to Fortnite’s arsenal in a while, the Boom Bow fires arrows with a Shotgun Shell tip, which explode on impact. The longer you hold the fire keybind down, the stronger the shot. If you manage to land a direct hit, it’ll deal both “normal” base damage as well as explosive damage, so it’s well worth picking up in our books.

For those who like chowing down on Peppers, well, they’re getting even juicier. Epic has increased their healing duration from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and buffed their movement speed bonus from 20% to 40%.

Onto the Sniper Shootout LTM, and it’s a returning favourite. It sees players doing battle exclusively with sniper rifles and there's no reviving teammates either, so you’ve got to pick and choose your fights carefully.

As with every Fortnite update, there’s a whole host of tweaks and bug fixes, on top of content updates to Save The World. For a complete overview of everything that’s new, make sure you head on over to Epic’s official patch notes page.

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  • Maria98 #1 A year ago
    Another weapon that can deal 100 damage with no dropoff? Okay Epic Games. But you know, the shield recovery was the issue. I gotcha.