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Fortnite patch v10.30 adds two new Rift Zones and Item Shop voting

Got to give them props.

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Fortnite’s latest update has introduced two new Rift Zones which feature unique gameplay twists. One of these Rift Beacons has replaced Paradise Palms with a swampy town by the name of "Moisty Palms". Players who visit this location will be able to disguise themselves as props to take unsuspecting enemies by surprise.

Here’s a look at Moisty Palms and it’s disguise mechanic:

Players can turn themselves into props by crouching, and can exit this state by using the Primary Fire button. Moving also reveals your true form, but aiming down sights at least lets you look around for any unwitting prey.

The other Rift Zone has brought back Greasy Grove, but this time Durrr Burger has disappeared, only to be replaced with Tacos - loads of them. So many in fact, that Spicy Tacos will periodically rain from the sky and make all players in the vicinity, err, dance. While dancing, players are invulnerable to damage from others and will regenerate health too.

Spicy Tacos can also be consumed off the floor for 10 health and a temporary increase in speed. They won’t last long though, so snap them up before they expire (five second rule, we guess).

Players will also now get to vote on what’s featured in the Item Shop. When the feature is live, you’ll be able to select the ‘Community Choice’ tab in the Item Shop to place your daily vote on an item you want to see return. For more info on this, head on over to Epic Games’ official Community Choice page.

Elsewhere, the Burst SMG has been vaulted, while the Tactical SMG takes its place. As per usual, there are plenty of bug fixes and other minor tweaks too. For the patch notes in all their glory, make sure you head on over to the official patch notes page.

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