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Fortnite: 5.40 patch notes reveal the Grappler, High Stakes event and Getaway LTM

Everything you need to know about the massive 5.40 update.

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The Fortnite V5.40 Patch Notes have been released by Epic Games, and the next content update will see both a new environmental traversal device and a new game mode land in the game.

First up is a new event called High Stakes, which adds in a new Limited Time Mode called Getaway. This includes a host of new challenges for you to complete, which will unlock a new collection of free cosmetic rewards.

The way Getaway works is pretty simple. A total of four safes have been hidden in supply drops located randomly on the map. Each of these safes contain a jewel which squads will have to battle over to gain possession of. Once you've gained a jewel, you “simply” need to take it to a getaway van, and the first four teams to do so win.

Here's a video which provides an overview of the entire event:

As for the challenges associated with the event, here's what you'll need to achieve to unlock the rewards in each case:

  • Play 10 Getaway matches - 5,000 XP
  • Do 500 damage to opponents carrying a Jewel - Suited Up Spray
  • Pick up a Jewel in five different Getaway matches - Cash Flow Contrail
  • Beat all of the above challenges - Crowbar Pickaxe

That's the new event, then, but how does the Grappler work? Well, it's pretty simple. By pointing this device at an environmental object of your choosing, you'll be able to zip over to that location at lightning speed. This allows you to either get to a target quickly, or get out of Dodge if your plans have gone awry.

Here's the official image of the Grappler that's been released by Epic:

For all of the nitty gritty detail of the patch itself, head over to the official Epic announcement and then scroll down to the core patch notes.

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