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Fortnite: 5.20 patch notes reveal a new shotgun, game mode and more

Double Barrel delight.

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Fortnite’s V5.20 patch notes have just arrived and it brings with it a brand new Double Barrel Shotgun, a new Steady Storm game mode, and a whole host of bug fixes and balance tweaks.

The Double Barrel Shotgun delivers huge close range damage, but its pellets don’t nearly have as much impact if you’re enemy manages to backstep a little. Pull the trigger in quick succession though, and you’ll fire off two swift blasts. Get right up in an enemy’s grill for maximum effectiveness.

Moving onto the Steady Storm game mode, and it’s one that’ll really keep the pace of matches motoring. As the name suggests, one Storm steadily closes in on the island without any starts or stops. There's no room to take a breather and safe zone circles don't exist, so players will need to stay on the move and predict where it'll close if they don’t want to get swallowed by the ever-constricting deathtrap.

On the rebalancing front, Epic has turned its attention to Vending Machines. They spawn more often, cost less and now have an increased chance to spawn at a higher rarity. On the nerf side, Remote Explosives have had their drop count reduced from 4 to 3, and their max stack size reduced from 10 to 6.

There’s a whole slew of extra gameplay changes, bug fixes and performance tweaks which you’ll find over on the official announcement page if you’d like to get your head down in the details of this V5.20 patch.

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