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100 Thieves bids farewell to three of its pro Fortnite players

Didn't steal the show.

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Esports organisation 100 Thieves has parted ways with three of its professional Fortnite players, Ken “Kenith” Veli, Maurilio “Blind” Gramajo and SirDimetrious.

In an announcement via Twitter, 100 Thieves thanked each of the players and wished them luck in their future endeavours.

As soon as the news arrived, each of the players took to their Twitter profiles to expand a little on their departure.

Kenith’s thread is grateful to 100 Thieves for letting him be “part of their journey,” but he also expresses disappointment in not being “able to live up to expectations when it mattered.”

Unlike Kenith and Blind, SirDimetrious was signed by 100 Thieves primarily as a Fortnite content creator. His Twitter thread goes in-depth on the hardships he faced trying to balance college and his personal life alongside a gruelling streaming schedule. He explains that he “pretty much stopped streaming Fortnite entirely” and eventually "burnt out."

Moving forwards, SirDimetrious will be focusing his efforts on Destiny 2 content.

All of these players joined between June 2018 and early 2019, but they failed to qualify for the Solos and Duos finals at the recently concluded Fortnite World Cup. At least for Kenith and Blind, 100 Thieves' lack of representation at this event is likely a strong reason for their departure.

With three of its Fortnite players leaving 100 Thieves, the organisation's competitive Fortnite roster is now down to just four players who we've listed down below:

  • Hayden ‘Elevate’ Krueger
  • Davis ‘Ceice’ McClellan
  • Brandon ‘Klass’ Weaver
  • ‘Kyzui’

(Thanks Dexerto for the tip-off.)

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