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How to go fishing in Fortnite: Chapter 2

A great oppor-tuna-ty to stop floundering in Fortnite.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale’s new map has introduced a brand new fishing mechanic, allowing you to cast a line and hook some bottom feeders. Here’s our guide to the best fishing spots, as well as the potential scaly bois you can dredge up.

How to fish in Fortnite: Battle Royale

It’s very simple - just find yourself a fishing rod, equip it, and aim it at the water. You’ll want to look for small areas of turbulent water, as that’s where you’ll find the most sea life. Fishing rods can be found more easily in places near bodies of water, such as Lake Canoe, just southeast of Frenzy Farm, Flopper Pond, and Lazy Lake Island. You’ll find them either on the ground or in special barrels filled with rods.

We got this fishing rod from that barrel on the right.

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What fish can I catch?

When you spot a splash of water you can go in for the krill, flex your mussels and reel it in. There’s a selection of stuff you can catch, so get your waders on and tackle out - it’s time to land a bite.

  • Small Fry: Catchable in non-turbulent water. +25 Health, Maximum 75.
  • Common weapons: Catchable in non-turbulent water.
  • Ammunition: Catchable in non-turbulent water.
  • Flopper: Common in turbulent water. +50 Health, Maximum of 100.
  • Slurpfish: Epic rarity, catchable in turbulent water. +50 Health + Shields.
  • Rare to Legendary weapons: Catchable in turbulent water.

That’s right, you can hook yourself a legendary weapon from under the water, somehow undamaged by the general wetness of the underwater world. Check out our clip below:

That’s all we’ve got for our Fortnite Fishing guide. One thing to keep in mind is to remember to fight your enemies instead of getting baited by the simple pleasure of fishing - there’s a time and a plaice for everything.

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