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Fortnite: Where the magnifying glass sits on the treasure map screen location

How to get your bonus Battle Star in this week's challenge.

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A fresh set of challenges is now live in Fortnite, and one such task is titled “Search where the magnifying glass is sitting on the Treasure Map loading screen”. Catchy stuff.

In order to locate this item, you're first of all going to have to start travelling in the direction of Polar Peak.

Before you do that though, make sure you open up your minimap and look for a perfect ring of trees just southeast of the Polar Peaks name, and on ground level.

All you have to do to bag the bonus Battle Star is make your way to this area.

You'll know you're in the right spot if you can see a collection of ice sculptures surrounding a main statue.

Once you're at this spot, it's just a case of honing in on the little musical burst that indicates nearby treasure, and then picking up your star.

It's pretty easy stuff this week all things considered, but if you're still struggling to tick this one off the list, have a watch of the following video by HarryNinetyFour:

That should walk you through the whole thing handily enough.

Don't forget also that you can always return to this challenge at a later date if the competition's a little too fierce. You have until the end of the current Season to finish this one up, and there's ample time left on that front.

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