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Fortnite: Trophy Fish locations guide - where to find all trophy fish

Where to find all Trophy Fish to complete this week 8 challenge.

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Our Fortnite Trophy Fish locations page contains a list of trophy fish locations so you can complete this week 8 challenge fast.

It wouldn’t be another week of Fortnite weekly challenges without a dancing task being involved. For week 8’s selection, players are tasked with finding trophy fish across the map and dancing in front of them in different named locations.

To complete this challenge, you need to dance in front of 7 trophy fish in different locations. If you successfully dance by one, they fish will start playing music and the UI will notify you that you’ve ticked one off.

Below we’ve put together a guide detailing where to find 7 trophy fish locations, so you can get this challenge done without any fuss whatsoever.

Trophy Fish locations in Fortnite

Here’s where you can find 7 trophy fish locations across the map:

Credit goes to HarryNinetyFour for the finds. Make sure you give the video a watch as it’ll make tracking them down much easier!

  • Trophy Fish #1: At the very back of the lodge at Lonely Lodge.
  • Trophy Fish #2: Inside the house sporting a huge fish sign to the northeast. It’s downstairs on the wall to the right.
  • Trophy Fish #3: Inside the westernmost house in Salty Springs. It’s the house painted in a pale blue colour with wonky windows. Head inside, go down into the basement and by the sofa you’ll spot the trophy on the wall to the right.
  • Trophy Fish #4: Inside the large farmhouse in the centre of Fatal Fields. Head through the front door, swing left and you’ll spot the fish on the chimney.
  • Trophy Fish #5: Easternmost Shifty Shafts, inside a little elevated tin hut.
  • Trophy Fish #6: Southern Greasy Grove, inside the outdoorsy shop selling tents and canoes. Walk through the entrance and there’s a fish just to the right, or one on the back wall to the left.
  • Trophy Fish #7: Northern Snobby Shores. Not the northernmost house, but the one just below it. Head inside, turn right and go through a couple of doors until you reach the garage. The fish is just behind the car.

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