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Fortnite: Treasure Map Guide: How to get a Treasure Map and find the treasure

How Treasure Maps work in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Our Fortnite Treasure Map guide explains how to get a Treasure Map in the game, then find the treasure chest.

The release of Fortnite's V8.01 update has added a new item to the game. Called Treasure Maps, these items point you in the direction of hidden treasure, after which you'll have to work out its precise location, then dig it up using your pickaxe.

In our brief primer guide to this new addition to the game, we've pulled together all of the information we currently have about these new items. Once we've got some gameplay footage of completing the treasure-hunting process, we'll drop it in here.

Buried Treasure Gameplay

Short Clip

Fortnite News over on twitter (@FortniteBR) has posted a clip of the Buried Treasure Map and how it works.

Drop them a follow if you want to keep up with the latest Fortnite news.


Thanks to Target3DGaming over on YouTube, we've got extended gameplay footage of the Buried Treasure Map in action too.

Skip to around 1:25 to see them spot the X and dig up the treasure. Epic weren't messing around either, as the amount of Legendary gear which drops from these chests is ridiculous!

Do make sure you give this video a thumbs up and consider subscribing if you found it helpful.

Here's everything you need to know about the new item:

Official Description

Here's what the developers have had to say about Treasure Maps in the official description provided a little earlier on today in the patch notes:

"Follow the map to uncover hidden loot across the island! Find the X that marks the spot and get to digging."

More details has also been provided on how exactly Treasure Maps work in Fortnite:

  • You can only have one Treasure Map in your inventory at any given time.
  • On the subject of actually obtaining a Treasure Map, you'll be able to loot them from items that drop on the floor, and find them in regular chests as well.
  • When you find a Treasure Map, you'll be able to examine it as a map.
  • Your loot can be found in treasure chests which are buried somewhere on the island.
  • The X marked on your Treasure Map provides you with a general idea of where you need to start digging, but you'll have to divine the exact location yourself.
  • Once you draw closer to the treasure you'll notice a golden glow emanating from the ground. It's here where you'll need to dig away.
  • You use your pickaxe to chip away at the location and find your loot-stuffed chest.
  • The chests themselves contain lots of Legendary-tier loot, and so it's well worth making the effort to track them down once you've bagged yourself a map.
  • Treasure Maps are classified as a Legendary item themselves within the in-game loot table.

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