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Fortnite Summer Skirmish: Results, Players, Schedule and Stream

UPDATE - Now includes full details of all of Week 8's PAX action.

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Our Fortnite Summer Skirmish page contains details of the confirmed players, and will be updated with schedule, stream and results information as soon as they become available.

At the start of last week, Epic Games announced a major new step for Fortnite's competitive scene with the reveal of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish.

The event will be spread across eight weeks, with a total of $8,000,000 being put up for grabs for the winners throughout the tournament series.

In this article, we wanted to bring together all of the information that's currently known about the event in one place.

How to watch the Fortnite Summer Skirmish

You can watch the Fortnite Summer Skirmish on Epic's official Twitch and YouTube channels (details a little further below):

Summer Skimirsh Start Times

  • 09:00AM PST
  • 12:00PM EST
  • 5:00PM GMT
  • 6:00PM CEST

Twitch Stream

You can also follow the tournament over at the official Fortnite YouTube channel.

Week 8 Format - PAX WEST

Week 8's action takes place at PAX WEST where players will be competing in a 3-Stage Solo event held Friday through Monday. At each Stage, players will earn points based on the system just below:

  • Victory Royale: +3 Points
  • 2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points
  • 4th-10th Place: +1 Point
  • 7+ Eliminations: +3 Points
  • 5-6 Elimination: +2 Points
  • 3-4 Eliminations: +1 Point

For a list of all the competitors for Week 8's action, make sure you check out the official Summer Skirmish page.

What were the results from Week 8 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here's a list of the top players from all of Grand Final matches. All players were awarded $25,000!

  • Match 1 - Lanjok_Twitch
  • Match 2 - C9 Blind
  • Match 3 - Morgaussetv
  • Match 4 - Tendons
  • Match 5 - Bolt Naga Ops
  • Match 6 - Liquid 72hrs
  • Match 7 - Ghost Bizzle

Week 7 Format - Big Bonus

Week 7's action is called Big Bonus and we've summed up what it's all about just below:

  • Each game, Duos will be ranked based on the points earned in a single game.
  • Victory Royales and Eliminations earn players points that will be scored at the end of each match.
  • The duo with the most points at the end of the series wins.

For a list of all the competitors for Week 7's action, make sure you check out the official Summer Skirmish page.

What were the results from Week 7 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here are the standings from Week 7's two groups which we've separated by all days of play.

Day 1, Group 1

1st$40,000Lefoubruiteur, Skiiiite
2nd$30,000Solary Kinstaar, Lunary Jbzzed
3rd$20,000Teekzie, Lunary Xewer
4th$17,000Gotagatv, Mickalow
5th$15,000Sevennoss, Atlantis Mitro
6th$14,000Amarcod, A1MSONZ
7th$13,000Ewrron, Kinguin Taoivsky
8th$12,000Rogue Gommru, Method Jetpacks
9th$11,000G1 Wizardjo, Exeed Rekins
10th$10,000Twitch Bloch, Fickzi on Twitch
11th-Twitch Beehive, Bloodxeu Twitch
12th-RWL7| VANES130, RWL7| Crowlley
13th-Lotharhs, Ago Povity
14th-Kriszhadvice, MVP Paradox
15th-Fly Tinny, Fnatic_Jarl
16th-Method Martin, Larssonn
17th-AHS Archangel_HS, VP Jamside
18th-Ruben_Senpai, Eragonist
19th-Kekaseka, VP 7SSK7
20th-Bat9evelone, Sayhelloromah

Day 1, Group 2

1st$40,000Faze Thiefs, Liquidchap
2nd$30,000Nate Hill, Funkbomb
3rd$20,000Symfuhny, NRG Zayt
4th$17,000Turkey_Lips.TV, T.TV OutlitLive
5th$15,000Kingrichard215, Ghost DMO
6th$14,000Kaypea, Twitch.Herrions
7th$13,000Nickmercs, Sypherpk
8th$12,000OPSCT, SAINT
9th$11,000IMTIMTHETATMAN, Liquid Poach
10th$10,000CourageJD, Hysteria
11th-Drnkie, Liquid Strafe
12th-Faze Yelo, Faze Cloak
13th-Ninja, DrLupo
14th-KittyPlays, Ghost Bizzle
15th-Faze Spacelyon, LG Kreo
16th-Nox_The_Fox_, Faze Jaomock
17th-Valkyraexd, Faze Tennpo
18th-Femsteph, Wilds
19th-Alexiaraye, Liquid 72HRS
20th-Annialis, HighDistortion

Day 2, Group 1

1st$40,000Solary Kinstaar, Lunary Jbzzed
2nd$30,000Twitch Beehive, Bloodxeu Twitch
3rd$20,000Kekaseka, VP 7SSK7
4th$17,000Sevennoss, Atlantis Mitro
5th$15,000Twitch Bloch, Fickzi on Twitch
6th$14,000Fly Tinny, Fnatic_Jarl
7th$13,000Twitch_Dkokholm, Razzzer0o0Twitch
8th$12,000Fear Highstyled, ONF 3VIL
9th$11,000Twitch Gabbie, Method Fixter
10th$10,000SOAR Rocx, SOAR Rockit

Day 2, Group 2

1st$40,000GernaderJake, Notvivid
2nd$30,000Ninja, DrLupo
3rd$20,000Symfuhny, NRG Zayt
4th$17,000Faze Thiefs, Liquid Chap
5th$15,000KingRichard215, Ghost DMO
6th$14,000Faze Yelo, Faze Replays
7th$13,000Faze Spacelyon, LG Kreo
8th$12,000Turkey_Lips.TV, T.TV OutlitLive
9th$11,000Valkyraexd, Faze Tennpo
10th$10,000KittyPlays, Ghost Bizzle

Week 6 Format - King Pin

It's King Pin again for Week 6 of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish. Here's the ruleset for this weekend's action:

  • Teams will be ranked at the end of each match based on the points that have been earned.
  • Players will get one point for each elimination
  • The team that gets a Victory Royale will earn triple elimination points in the next match.
  • A team that achieves seven or more eliminations in a match gain double elimination points in the next round.

For a list of all the competitors for Week 6's action, make sure you check out the official Summer Skirmish page.

What were the results from Week 6 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here are the standings from Week 6, along with the total sums of prize money that was won once things came to a close.

1st$25,600KingRichard215, Ghost DMO
2nd$18,150DisguisedToast, Notvivid
3rd$17,950Faze Thiefs, LiquidChap
4th$15,650Ninja, Faze Cloak
5th$14,250KittyPlays, LG KR50
6th$12,850Raysfire, 100T Parallax
7th$12,050Nickmercs, Sypherpk
8th$9,550Faze Agony, GS Ceice
9th$8,200TwitchTV Destroy, Symfuhny
10th$8,050Kraftyyz, 100T SIRD
11th$4,650Pineaqples, Teenage
12th$4,350Pok1m4n3, TSM Myth
13th$4,250Kaypea, MonsterDFace
14th$4,100OPSCT, Saint
15th$4,100Annialis, Faze Jaomock
16th$4,100AlexiaRaye, Liquid 72HRS
17th$4,050GucciGangtenser, SOAR Mak
18th$3,950JanetRose, Mistadong
19th$3,850Melipastel, TSM Hamlinz
20th$3,700Faze Spacelyon, Liquid Poach

Week 5 Format - King Pin

A brand new ruleset kicks off Fortnite Skirmish's fifth week. It' called King Pin and here's how it works:

  • The team with the most points at the end of eight matches wins.
  • Eliminations earn players points towards placement at the end of the event.
  • Earning a Victory Royale will provide a team with a 3x Eliminations bonus in the next match.
  • Elimination: +1 Point
  • Victory Royale: 3X Eliminations Bonus Next Match
  • 7+ Eliminations: 2X Elimination Bonus Next Match

What were the results from Week 5 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here are the standings from Week 5, along with the prize money that was won in each case.

1st$75,000Twitch K1nzell, Atlantis Mitro
2nd$60,000Twitchkejser, Octagon Severin
3rd$50,000Xypher Tesquottv, Xypher Snafuu
4th$45,000Razzzeroootwitch, Brokenpsn
5th$40,000Kinguin Hoopek, Kinguin Sk1x
6th$35,000Ago Povity, Ago Skosas
7th$30,000Twitchtinny, Sevennoss
8th$25,000Epsilon Zyppaan, Epsilon Gandulf
9th$22,500Citydriver, Kamolrf
10th$17,500Reniiik, Skiiiite
11th$12,500Twitch_Dkokholm, Sjokoladentwitch
12th$12,500Mostrom, Numach
13th$12,500Property Crippa, Property Whai
14th$12,500M Nokssqiu, Teekzie
15th$12,500Fnatic Pow3r, Fnatic_Jarl
16th$7,500Solary Hunter, Lunary Airwaks
17th$7,500Nip Xited, Nip Goofy
18th$7,500Method Jetpacks, Method Rasmusenn
19th$7,500Srauon, Choaaaaaaaaaaaaa
20th$7,500Gal Yukes, Sup Refl7ction

Week 4 Format - Hold The Throne (Solos)

Epic's decided to revert back to the solos format for this week and to keep things interesting, it's their take on the well known King of the Hill mode. Here's the ruleset:

The first players to reach 8 or more points by the end of the competition wins. Victory Royales and Eliminations in this competition will be scored to determine placement at the end of the vent. The player with the most eliminations in a single match will "Hold the throne" and hold a bonus point until dethroned.

For the complete list of competitors for Week 4's action, make sure you check out the official Summer Skirmish page.

What were the results from Week 4 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here's how the standings currently look, based on the solos weekend that's just concluded:

2ndGentside Thevic
3rdRWL7 Proximastar
4thTwitch Beehive
5thVP Jamside
8thLunary Airwaks
9thOblivionfn TTV
10thSup Refl7ction
11thVP 7SSK7
17thGentside Madzen
18thGal Yukes
19thRB Riverboat

Week 3 - Friday 27th July 2018 (Duos)

For the third week's action Epic is rolling things back to the Duos format. The first Duos team to reach 13 points will be declared the winner, with Victory Royales and Eliminations being scored to determine who comes out on top. It's a race to see who can bag the most points first.

If you're after the complete list of competitors for Week 3's action, head on over to the official Summer Skirmish page.

What were the results from Week 3 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here's how the standings currently look, based on the Duos weekend that's just concluded:

1stAtlantis Mitro, Atlantis Magin (14 Points)
2ndMain Fwexy, Main Pate1k (12 Points)
3rdTwitch_Greyfox, Mouz Mops (10 Points)
4thSup Refl7ction, Sup H3x (10 Points)
5thSia Nyx, Sia Swayzen (8 Points)
6thFstar Hurma, Twitch.BNQ1 (8 Points)
7thMickalow_, Robi62 (8 Points)
8thSupremacy Vato, Supremacy Nayu (6 Points)
9thTwitchCarnifexed, Zwetschke (6 Points)
10thSolary Kinstaar, Solary MZQQQ (4 Points)
11thPride Hashtag, Pride Tabooo (4 Points)
12thDP Failrush, DP Rawl (4 Points)
13thBXCXWaycats, BXCXTwinkle3yt (4 Points)
14thFnatic Pow3r, Fnatic_Ettnix (4 Points)
15thKingRichard215, Svennoss (4 Points)
16thFT_Fateu, JL Keolys (4 Points)
17thVGIA Xemarlek, VGIA Khisanth (2 Points)
18thMouz Thevs, Mouz Crabble (2 Points)
19thTwitch_Harmii, Citydriver (2 Points)
20thVGIA Tedi, VGIA Xisma (2 Points)

Week 2 - Friday 20th July 2018 (Solos)

The second event in Epic's Fortnite Summer Skirmish mixes things up a little. It involves 10 matches of Solos, with scoring based on placements and eliminations. This means players will be fending for themselves and be willing to get stuck into fights if they want to score points and rank highly!

The top 20 players will be awarded at the end of the week. Here's how the scoring system will work:

  • Victory Royales: +5 Points
  • Eliminations: +1 Point
  • 20 or More Eliminations (per game): +10 Points and $10,000

The prize pool for this week is $500,000 and it begins at 5 PM EST Friday July 20th.

You can find a complete list of competitors and watch it live by visiting the official Fortnite Summer Skirmish site.

What were the results from Week 2 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here's how the standings currently look, based on the Solos weekend that's just concluded:

2ndSupremacy Vato
4thGentside Thevic
5thVP 7SSK7
11thSolary MZQQQ
12thGal Yukes
13thAtlantis Mitro
16thRB Script
17thMartoz YT
18thRB Riverboat
19thSolary Kinstaar

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Week 1 - Saturday 14th July 2018 (Duos)

The first event in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish was a Duos competition. That means two players teaming up to try and emerge top-dog as a team. The prize pool for the weekend just gone was set at $250,000.

In its initial announcement, Epic Games stated that competitors would be represented by community creators, as well as those players who have have already established their competitive chops in previous events.

You can find a complete list of competitors in this opening weekend by visiting the official Fortnite Summer Skirmish site and scrolling down.

What were the results from Week 1 of the Summer Skirmish?

Here's how the standings currently look, based on the Duos weekend just gone:

1stKevie1 + NotVivid
2ndBartonologist + BaySoldier
3rdChap + Liquid72hrs
4thImmarksman + Yaboywildcat
5thKittyplays + Faze Tfue
6thGS Solonazgul + GS Logan
7thSypherk + Faze Jaomock
8thCalebur + Twitch Gratrixtv
9thHighdistortion + Faze Cloak
10thTwtchnox_the_fox + Symfuhny
11thMyth + TSM Halmlinz
12thGotaga + Mickalow
13thFemsteph + Wildsbr
14thNoahj + TSM Daequan
15thBabam_ + TB Lavak3
16thGS_Rxmpxge + TTV GS_Warpath
17thKp5ive + Chrispy
18thTinytimothy + Brushh
19thKing Richard + Cowv1n
20thTypical Gamer + Thiefs

That marks the end of our guide to the second week of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish 2018.

As soon as Epic provides more detail on the next stage of the tournament, we'll update this article. Let us know in the comments if you've found any information that's not currently included and we'll add it in with credit.

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