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Fortnite: Sky Platform Locations Guide: Where to find all Sky Platforms

How to complete this week's platform-hunting challenge.

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Our Fortnite Sky Platform Locations guide will help you find all seven Sky Platforms required to complete the Season 9 Week 1 challenge.

Season 9 of Fortnite has just got under way with the latest patch, and there is of course a mountain of new challenges to start tackling with Week 1 of the Battle Pass.

One of these challenges has you scouring the map in search of a feature known as Sky Platforms. There are seven of them in total, spread right across the map.

These are static items and so the locations are easy enough to pin down. In this article we'll explains where to find all seven Sky Platforms.

In order to make progress on this challenge, you'll simply need to land on each platform. When you do so, progress will be automatically ticked off, but take a moment to glance at your challenge list to make sure it's been registered.

The easiest way to find all these locations is to refer to the video below, which was produced by the very reliable HarryNinetyFour. Give the video a thumbs up and consider subscribing if you found the content useful.

If you'd like a little less spoilerific guide to where the Sky Platforms are, use the following hints and locations:

  • South-west of Pleasant Park
  • North-east of Loot Lake
  • Near Pressure Plant
  • North of Paradise Palms
  • North-west of Fatal Fields
  • North-west of Salty Springs
  • North-east of Polar Peak

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