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Fortnite: Shadow Stone guide - How to find and use them

All the known Shadow Stone locations, and how to use them when you find them!

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A new consumable item that goes by the name of the Shadow Stone has been added to Fortnite with the release of Season 6.

As the map has been updated with a spooky theme to match the upcoming Halloween season, it's only fitting that these mysterious items have been added to the most corrupted zones on the map.

How do Shadow Stones work though, where exactly do you find them, and why on earth would you want to consume something with such mysterious effects?

In this brief primer guide, we've explained everything you need to know about the new items, from where to actually find them, to what will happen when you gobble them up...

Fortnite: Shadow Stone Locations

As we've already mentioned in this article, the Shadow Stones are found in the corrupted zones with the purple fog on the map.

To find the rough location, simply open up your map and look for the purple patches on the map. It's in these areas that you're likely to come across a Shadow Stone.

Fortnite: Shadow Stone Effects

Once you've managed to find one of these items, the next step is to use it and see what happens, right?

Although the exact lore behind them is not yet fully understood, consuming a Shadow Stone will turn you into a state a lot like invisibility - but not quite.

Here's what we mean. When you use a Shadow Stone, you can move around the map as normal - and even beyond that, with the new ability to pass through walls - but you'll still appear as a vague outline to other players.

They can still shoot at you (so don't get carried away), but you should find it much easier to get the jump on other players while in this state.

The effect lasts for a total of 45 seconds, which means you can pick one up from one of the named locations above, then quickly head towards a more populated area and unleash chaos.

There's one flipside to think about when using these consumable items though. While you're affected, you can't use items or weapons. A bit of a bummer to say the least, but it's the price you pay for the element of surprise...

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