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Fortnite: Search Chests in Salty Springs all locations

All the chest locations in Salty Springs.

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Our Search Chests in Salty Springs all locations page contains a list of all the chest locations in Salty Springs to help you complete this Week 8 Challenge quickly.

One of Week 8’s main challenges is searching for chests in Salty Springs, which can be pretty tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the game or this location’s layout.

Thankfully you only need to crack open a total of 2 chests in Salty Springs to complete the challenge and earn the Battle Stars which’ll go towards levelling up your Battle Pass. The only catch is that everyone else is going to be gunning for this location like you are, so actually getting to a chest before someone else finds it can be a real struggle.

Having prior knowledge of where each chest is found in Salty Springs will help you get this challenge out of the way with minimal fuss, so scroll down for an overview of where you’ll be able to find them.

If you’re struggling with any other Week 8 Challenges, make sure you check out our Week 8 Challenges guide - it’s got tips and all the info you could need!

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All Salty Springs Chest Locations

Here’s a list of all the Salty Spring chest locations you can find on Fornite’s map. Thanks to Carefree Llama Gaming for the really helpful video which we’ve linked down below!

Video by Carefree Llama Gaming

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  • There’s a chest in the roof of the house on the Southwestern most part of Salty Springs.
  • You’ll find up to 5 chests across the road in the house opposite: in the roof, in the bathroom and in the basement.
  • There are up to 2 chests in the Northernmost house. Check the roof and the first floor.
  • Check the Easternmost house too, as you can find up to 2 chests here.

Below we've put together a gallery of chests we've found so far in Salty Springs. We'll be adding to this over time!

Click the images to zoom in.

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