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Fortnite: Prisoner skin locations - Stages 2, 3 and 4 (Polar Peak, Paradise Palms, Wailing Woods)

How to complete every stage of the Prisoner Challenge series.

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How to unlock Fortnite's Prisoner skin Stages 2, 3 and 4 by visiting Polar Peak, Paradise Palms and Wailing Woods.

An intriguing set of bonus Challenges are available to work on in Fortnite once you've unlocked the Prisoner skin. These allow you to work through a series of bonus tasks - in stages - so as to unlock additional versions of the skin.

Before you can get started with the Prisoner Challenges though, you'll first of all need to have unlocked the Prisoner skin itself.

To unlock the Prison skin you'll need to have completed a total of 60 Season 7 Weekly Challenges.

The next step is to unlock the different styles. You gain these by interacting with certain environmental objects sprinkled here and there on the map.

Crucially, the Prisoner Challenges end with the conclusion of Season 7, so you've not got long to wrap them up if you want to bulk out your cosmetic collection.

In this article, we've outlined everything you need to do to bag every last Prisoner skin.

Two things to keep in mind at all times:

  • 1. You must have the Prisoner skin equipped while you're attempting these tasks.
  • 2. You need to complete them in this precise order if you want to gain the bonus styles.

Fortnite: The Prisoner Stage 2 Location

With your Prisoner skin equipped, make your way towards Polar Peak. To gain access to the object you need, you can do one of two things:

  • 1. Land on the roof of the tallest tower, head downstairs and then enter the area with a fireplace and tables.
  • 2. Enter at ground level and then work your way up to the same room.

If you now head over to the main desk you'll see a key on top of a book. Interact with the key to unlock the Prisoner Stage 2 skin.

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Fortnite: The Prisoner Stage 3 Location

From the bus, make your way towards the mountain located just to the north of Paradise Palms. You'll know you're on the right track if you can spot a campfire burning near the edge.

Next, simply interact with the campfire to light it and unlock your next Prisoner skin. Note that if someone gets there first then you'll have to wait for another game before you can attempt this.

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Fortnite: The Prisoner Stage 4 Location

To unlock the final Stage 4 Prisoner skin, you'll need to make your way to Wailing Woods and look for a circle of torches on the cliff that's just to the north of the zone.

When you stand in the middle of this area the torches will illuminate and your final Prisoner skin will be immediately unlocked.

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    @JamesJameson Yeah we missed the original announcement on this unfortunately. We decided to cover it anyway as the clock was ticking on wrapping them up and thought it would be helpful for anyone who hadn't got around to getting these done.
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    Kinda late on this post those skins have been out for a little over a week just saying.