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Fortnite: Pleasant Park treasure map location

Where to find the hidden Battle Stars this week.

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Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Pleasant Park treasure map location guide will show you where to find the hidden Battle Stars and complete this Week 7 Challenge.

We’re into Week 7 of Fortnite’s fourth season and we’ve got another treasure map challenge to complete. This time the Battle Stars are hidden away in Pleasant Park and you’ll need to give the map a good inspection, follow the clue and track down the treasure located somewhere on Fortnite’s map.

Manage to find the treasure and the Battle Stars you’ve earned will work towards ranking up your Season 4 Battle Pass. It’s hardly the easiest task at hand, as you’ll need some serious knowledge on the map’s intricacies.

To minimise the fuss and strip away the frustration, we’ve put together a walkthrough based on The Goblin’s video which’ll guide you straight to the hidden Battle Stars and show you where the Pleasant Park treasure map location lies.

For help with all the other challenges available this week, make sure you take a look through our Week 7 Challenges guide!

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Pleasant Park treasure map location explained

Video by The Goblin

  • Pause the video at 0:40 and you’ll see the Pleasant Park treasure map pop up on screen. It shows Tilted Towers in the centre, along with the red cross on what looks to be the top of a hill to the South East.
  • You’ll want to start floating towards Tilted Towers when you jump from the Battle Bus and drift towards the South East of this location on the minimap. There’s a small hill with a couple of trees atop it - this is where you’ll want to land.
  • Land on this hill, run to the center and the golden Battle Stars will sprout from the earth. Make sure you interact with them to complete the challenge!
  • The UI should inform you that you’ve ticked it off.
  • If you’re struggling to find this location, bring up The Goblin’s video on another screen while you’re in-game as it’ll really help you out.

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It’s also worth quickly mentioning that this location will be beyond busy over the next couple of days, so it might be worth waiting it out before taking on this challenge. Of course, you can also dedicate a match to collecting the Battle Stars and embracing the likelihood of death. That works too.

Another challenge this week involves scoring goals on different pitches. If you’re finding this tricky, make sure you have a read through our Where to score a goal on different pitches - Locations explained page for a complete walkthrough!

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