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Fortnite: Pleasant Park and Lonely lodge piano locations guide

Where to find both pianos and complete this Week 2 challenge.

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This page explains where to find both the Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge pianos to complete this Week 2 Season 7 challenge.

For one of Week 2’s challenges, you’re tasked with tracking down two large pianos. One is near Pleasant Park, while the other is located near Lonely Lodge. On top of this, you’ll need to read the sheet music next to them and play the correct jingle.

Below we’ve put together a quick guide on where to track down both of these pianos and complete this challenge. It’s well worth cracking on with as you’ll earn yourself a nice number of Battle Stars which will go towards levelling up your Battle Pass.

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Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge Piano locations

Credit goes to HarryNinetyFour for tracking down both of these locations. Do make sure you consider subscribing to his channel for more useful content like this!

You’ll find the first location near the coastline, to the south east of Lonely Lodge. It’s positioned below the “E” in “Lodge”. Once you arrive, look at the sheet music positioned in the centre of the piano and jump onto the corresponding keys in order. The UI will notify you if you’ve been successful.

The second piano can be found directly west of Pleasant Park on the large hill, on the south eastern side. Again, it’s case of looking at the sheet music and jumping on the keys in the correct order.

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