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Fortnite: Fortbyte locations guide - How to get all Fortbytes

Everything you need to know about Fortbytes and how to get them.

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Our Fortnite Fortbyte locations guide contains everything you need to know about Fortbytes, all of their requirements and locations too.

Introduced at the start of Season 9, Fortbytes are collectible computer chips found across Fortnite’s map for premium Battle Pass holders only.

Over the season Battle Pass owners will complete Fortbyte related challenges, and in turn, unlock Fortbytes across the map. The aim is to collect all 100 as you’ll begin decrypting a mysterious image and it’ll more than likely lead to some exclusive cosmetic loot too.

If this all sounds a bit confusing, we’ve put together a guide which’ll take you through the basics of Fortbytes and how to find them. We’ll continue updating this guide throughout the season as more are discovered too, so keep this page bookmarked for all the latest.

For a complete overview of everything that's arrived with Season 9, make sure you head on over to our Fortnite Season 9 guide.


Need help with something specific? Use the following links to jump straight into what you're after!

What is a Fortbyte anyway?

Fortbytes are a new collectible series of computer chips and there are a total of 100 to find and earn.

As you go about collecting Fortbytes, you’ll begin decrypting a mysterious image. The ultimate aim is to collect them all to reveal the image and likely earn yourself a rare cosmetic reward.

On the first day of Season 9, a total of 18 Fortbytes will be available to earn. At least one new Fortbyte will be unlocked each day.

Fortbytes are earned by completing a specific task. Some require certain EXP requirements to be met, others require you to visit certain areas of the map wearing a specific skin.

Our Season 9 Week 1 Challenges guide will help you barrel through all of Week 1's Weekly Challenges with minimal fuss!

Fortbyte list and challenges

Here’s our regularly updated Fortbyte list which features how to unlock every single one as they’re released over the course of the season.

FortbyteHow to unlock
Fortbyte 1Awarded for gaining 175,000 EXP
Fortbyte 2TBC
Fortbyte 3TBC
Fortbyte 4TBC
Fortbyte 5TBC
Fortbyte 6TBC
Fortbyte 7TBC
Fortbyte 8TBC
Fortbyte 9TBC
Fortbyte 10Awarded for gaining 60,000 EXP
Fortbyte 11TBC
Fortbyte 12TBC
Fortbyte 13Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen 2
Fortbyte 14TBC
Fortbyte 15TBC
Fortbyte 16TBC
Fortbyte 17Found inside a Wooden Fish Building
Fortbyte 18TBC
Fortbyte 19TBC
Fortbyte 20TBC
Fortbyte 21TBC
Fortbyte 22TBC
Fortbyte 23TBC
Fortbyte 24Found within Fatal Fields
Fortbyte 25Awarded at Battle Pass Tier 40
Fortbyte 26TBC
Fortbyte 27TBC
Fortbyte 28TBC
Fortbyte 29TBC
Fortbyte 30TBC
Fortbyte 31TBC
Fortbyte 32TBC
Fortbyte 33TBC
Fortbyte 34TBC
Fortbyte 35Awarded for gaining 225,000 EXP
Fortbyte 36Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island
Fortbyte 37TBC
Fortbyte 38TBC
Fortbyte 39Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 2
Fortbyte 40TBC
Fortbyte 41TBC
Fortbyte 42TBC
Fortbyte 43TBC
Fortbyte 44Awarded at Battle Pass Tier 20
Fortbyte 45TBC
Fortbyte 46Awarded at Battle Pass Tier 100
Fortbyte 47Found between a Reboot Van, Pirate Camp and Crashed Battle Bus
Fortbyte 48TBC
Fortbyte 49TBC
Fortbyte 50TBC
Fortbyte 51TBC
Fortbyte 52TBC
Fortbyte 53TBC
Fortbyte 54TBC
Fortbyte 55Found within Haunted Hills
Fortbyte 56TBC
Fortbyte 57Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 25 times
Fortbyte 58TBC
Fortbyte 59TBC
Fortbyte 60TBC
Fortbyte 61TBC
Fortbyte 62TBC
Fortbyte 63TBC
Fortbyte 64Accessible by Rox on top of Stunt Mountain
Fortbyte 65TBC
Fortbyte 66Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 75 times
Fortbyte 67TBC
Fortbyte 68TBC
Fortbyte 69TBC
Fortbyte 70TBC
Fortbyte 71Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 1
Fortbyte 72TBC
Fortbyte 73TBC
Fortbyte 74TBC
Fortbyte 75TBC
Fortbyte 76TBC
Fortbyte 77TBC
Fortbyte 78TBC
Fortbyte 79TBC
Fortbyte 80TBC
Fortbyte 81Accessible in the Daytime Near a Mountain Top Cactus Wedge
Fortbyte 82Accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle NW of The Block
Fortbyte 83TBC
Fortbyte 84Awarded at Battle Pass Tier 60
Fortbyte 85Awarded for gaining 30,000 EXP
Fortbyte 86TBC
Fortbyte 87Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 50 times
Fortbyte 88TBC
Fortbyte 89TBC
Fortbyte 90Awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solo 100 times
Fortbyte 91TBC
Fortbyte 92Accessible by using the Rock Love Spray near a Lavafall
Fortbyte 93TBC
Fortbyte 94TBC
Fortbyte 95TBC
Fortbyte 96Awarded at Battle Pass Tier 80
Fortbyte 97TBC
Fortbyte 98TBC
Fortbyte 99Awarded for gaining 125,000 EXP
Fortbyte 100Fortbyte TBC

Where to get Fortbytes

Below you'll find a breakdown of where to find the Fortbytes which are hidden across the map.

We've placed these Fortbyte locations in numerical order for ease of use and embedded both video and screenshots to help you out even further.

As Fortbyte locations pop up, we'll endeavour to update this page with the latest locations. If you think we're missing one, don't be afraid to chime in down in the comments section and we'll get on it right away!

Latest Update - Fortbyte #64 (17th May)

All Fortbytes are in numerical order, simply scroll down to find the one you're after!

Where to find Fortbyte #13 - "Found at a Location Hidden in Loading Screen 2"

To get this Fortbyte, you'll need need to head to the south of Paradise Palms, just north of the waterfall.

The Fortbyte is located inside a porterloo near the purple dinosaur statue, just next to a little building just by the side of the road. Simply give the porterloo a tap with your pickaxe and interact with the Fortbyte to collect it.

Here's HarryNinetyFour showing us where we can find it:

Where to find Fortbyte #17 - "Found inside a Wooden Fish Building"

To unlock this Fortbyte, start by making your way towards the volcanic vents to the east of Lazy Lagoon.

As you come in to land, you'll quickly notice that one of the vents has a giant wooden fish planted right in the centre of it. As you'd expect, this is the one you'll want to visit.

The Fortybyte is inside its tail, nice.

Video by HarryNinetyFour

Where to find Fortbyte #24 - "Found within Fatal Fields"

To grab this Fortbyte, you'll need to land in south eastern Fatal Fields and head inside the large house opposite of the big barn.

Go through the front door and up the stairs to the second floor, proceed through the second door on the right and the Fortbyte will be waiting for you in the corner by the desk and whiteboard.

Video by HarryNinetyFour

Where to find Fortbyte #36 - "Accessible by Sentinel on a Frozen Island"

For this Fortbyte, you'll first need to equip the Sentinel outfit. Next, you'll want to land on the icy island directly north of Frosty Flights (the smallest of the two).

Video by HarryNinetyFour

Approach the south east of the island you'll spot a hologram of the Fortbyte itself. Interact with it and you'll have it in your collection!

Where to find Fortbyte #47 - "Found between a Reboot Van, Pirate Camp and Crashed Battle Bus"

This Fortbyte's quite tricky to find as it's stashed away in the middle of some woods north east of Lazy Lagoon.

Here's where you'll find it:

Video by HarryNinetyFour

Where to find Fortbyte #55 - "Found within Haunted Hills"

To grab this Fortbyte, you want to land near the big church in Haunted Hills. Imagine you've just walked outside the main entrance, turn right, go down the slope and into the first little stone building to your right.

When inside, turn left and left again. The Fortybyte will be awaiting you in the corner.

Here's HarryNinetyFour showing us how it's done.

Where to find Fortbyte #64 - "Accessible by Rox on top of Stunt Mountain"

Before you jump into game, make sure you equip the Rox skin first.

Next, you'll want to land on top of Stunt Mountain, located north of the football pitch and north west of Neo Tilted.

The Fortbyte will be waiting by the signpost, just outside the circle of trees.

Video by HarryNinetyFour

Where to find Fortbyte #81 - "Accessible in the daytime near a Mountain Top Cactus Wedge"

Before we get started, this Fortbyte is only accessible when it's daytime. Thankfully Fortnite's day-night cycle is pretty snappy, so you shouldn't need to wait very long to collect the Fortbyte.

This Fortbyte can be found to the southeast of Paradise Palms, on the large hill top which features five cacti in a V/L shape (depending on which angle you come in to land, of course), and a set of animal bones.

The Fortbyte is tucked away inside the set of bones, so all you need to do is land on top of the hill and interact with them as soon as you hit the ground.

Here's HarryNinetyFour showcasing its location:

Where to find Fortbyte #82 - "Accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle NW of The Block"

First up, you'll need to be in a party of three others players in order to complete this challenge. Otherwise, it's a case of getting lucky with three other enemies or randoms and working together.

To find this Fortbyte, you'll need to head to the large clump of trees north west of The Block. When you arrive, you'll find three pressure plates surrounding the Fortbyte.

All three players will need to stand on the pressure plates at the same time. The Fortybyte will then rise from the middle and you'll be able to collect it.

Video by HarryNinetyFour

Where to find Fortbyte #92 - "Accessible by using the Rock Love Spray near a Lavafall"

First up, make sure you equip the Rock Love Spray in the Locker. It's unlocked at tier two of the free Battle Pass so you'll likely have unlocked it already. Don't worry if you haven't, a few quick games will remedy that.

As the name suggests, you'll need to land on the northernmost - and largest - rock in the lava fall.

When you're coming in for landing, keep an eye out for the Fortbyte as well, it should be just over a slight overhang on the rock itself.

Next, simply spray Rock Love at your feet and the Fortbyte will be yours to interact with!

Here's a handy video walkthrough by HarryNinetyFour, as well as some screenshots of our own to help you track it down:

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