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Fortnite: Dynamite guide

Everything you need to know about this new grenade.

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Our Fortnite Dynamite guide contains rarity details, damage stats, tips for using it and information on finding the new grenade.

Fortnite’s newest grenade isn’t just the usual spherical affair. Oh no, Epic’s only gone and introduced a chunky stick of Dynamite to the game’s arsenal.

As you’d expect, it’s deals a lot of damage to both players and structures, with an explosion that’s shaped like a flat cylinder. This means it’ll have a very wide blast radius, which is perfect for felling buildings and enemy fortresses with ease.

Below we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Dynamite, so you can get to grips with it right away.

What rarities is Dynamite available in?

Dynamite fits under the “Uncommon” rarity, so you should come across it fairly often when cracking open chests.

Any other stats for Dynamite?

Dynamite deals a total of 70 damage to players and 800 damage to structures. As soon as you throw a stick of Dynamite it’ll start a 5-second fuse that can’t be canceled. This means it’s great for destroying structures but you may find it hard to catch out players with such a long fuse time.

The explosion is in the shape of a flat cylinder, being 1600 units in diameter and 384 units in height. This means it has a huge blast radius, but one that probably won’t catch enemies above it - unless they’re directly underneath the flames.

Throw range is also shorter than standard grenades, so you’ll need to get a bit closer to enemies and fortresses you want to topple.

Where can you find Dynamite?

You’ll find Dynamite from floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, Supply Llamas, and Supply Drops.

This video by SMGxPrincess shows off Dynamite in action, make sure you give it a watch!

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Any Dynamite tips?

Here’s a handful of tips which should help you get to grips with Dynamite:

  • With such a short throw range, you’ll need to get up close and personal when launching it at buildings and enemies alike. With this in mind, we’d view Dynamite as more of a structure-wrecking tool, than one which will easily deal with a moving target.
  • Try blanketing an enemy’s position with multiple sticks of Dynamite. Chuck one close by, then another where you think they’ll move to. With such a large blast radius, they’re unlikely to escape its fiery clutches.
  • Once you’ve started throwing Dynamite, you can’t cancel the procedure. Make sure you’re fully committed to each throw as once you light the fuse, there’s no going back!

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