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Fortnite: Creative guide

Everything we know about the new private island system coming to the game.

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Our Fortnite: Creative guide contains release dates and an overview of how the private Fortnite island system works.

A brand new Fortnite feature arrives with the launch of Season 7, and it's a sandbox mode that goes by the name of Fortnite Creative.

While playing in Creative mode, you'll be able to set up your own private island for you and your friends to play on, design bespoke games, set up races, and create many other kind of activities.

In our starter guide to the new mode, we've outlined all of the basics that have been confirmed, from the staggered release times to the kind of content you can build for your own private Fortnite island.

Expect many updates to this article as we get more hands-on time with the mode ourselves.

Fortnite: Creative Release Dates

Here's the lowdown on when the new mode will become available:

  • Fortnite Creative will, for a limited period of time, be available exclusively to players who purchase the Season 7 Battle Pass.
  • Season 7 Battle Pass owners will be able to play in Creative mode starting 6th December.
  • All Fortnite players who don't own the new Battle Pass will be able to enjoy the new mode starting 13th December.

Fortnite: Creative Overview

Here's everything that's been confirmed about the Creative mode so far. We're going to have lots of updates for you here once we've had a chance to dive in and explore it for ourselves:

  • Fortnite: Creative provides you with your own personal copy of the Fortnite island.
  • You can invite friends to join you in this space if you want, or just have your own private playground to mess around in.
  • The developers see this mode as an opportunity to shoot cinematic videos for publishing online, or for creating specific combat modes.
  • Exact details of how combat settings can be tweaked has not yet been confirmed by Epic.
  • Importantly, the changes you make to your island will persist between gameplay sessions. That means you can take a break and pick up from where you left off, without having to worry about losing any progress you've made.

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