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Fortnite: Chiller guide

Everything you need to know about the new trap that's coming to Fortnite.

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Our Fortnite Chiller guide explains how the new trap item works, and will be expanded on with more tips over time.

The latest V6.01 patch update for Fortnite introduces a completely new item for the game.

Known as the Chiller, this frosty trap will send anyone who steps on it skidding into the distance. Handy if you feel like someone's creeping up on you and you want them to get off on the wrong foot.

In this article, we're highlighting everything we currently know about the new item. At the time of writing the servers were still down, but we'll keep updating this throughout the day with new tips and insight into how to actually use the new device.

First up, here's the official description straight from the patch notes:

“A cool trap debuts in Battle Royale...Don't get cold feet! Freeze your foes and slide around for a quick getaway.”

And here's the very brief official video which was released earlier on today and demonstrates the Chiller in action:

Chiller Tips

Until we get to go hands-on with the Chiller ourselves we can only give some vague insight into how to use it. We'll add to this section later on today once the patch has actually gone live.

  • You can use the Chiller defensively, and place it in the path of an incoming enemy. If that's from a position of height, you have a chance to send the other player skidding to the ground.
  • Alternatively you can use the Chiller yourself to get out of Dodge when a fight's not going your way.

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