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Fortnite: Battle Royale - Best guns and other weapons guide

Our top five picks for the best weapons in the game.

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Our Fortnite: Battle Royale guns and other weapons guide contains a top five list of the strongest offensive weapons in the game.

You won’t win games of Fortnite: Battle Royale without getting hold of a suitably solid weapon and blasting your opponents out of the game. he trouble is, when you first start out it’s impossible to know if the rifle that’s dropped right by your feet is even worth picking up and using to replace the weapon that's already in your hands.

To help you get a better sense of the weapons you’ll want to be looking out for - and exactly why they’re so powerful in the first place - we’ve put together a list in this article that separates the best from the rest.

Of course, Fortnite: Battle Royale is constantly evolving with major content updates and the like, so we’ll make sure to keep an eye on brand new weapon releases and overhaul this guide if there’s a whole set of new goodies that suddenly eclipse our current list. It’s worth keeping this guide bookmarked for the latest on the best weaponry out there!

Editor's UPDATE #3:On top of an updated "Honourable mentions" section, we've also cleared up a few points and inserted some extra detail here and there. We'll continue updating this guide over time and keep an eye out for any brand new additions or meta shifts. Do make sure to bookmark this page so you're always up to date with the latest developments!

When you're done here, make sure you check out our main Fortnite: Battle Royale guide, our tips for gearing up and finding loot quickly, and even our guide to getting the best performance on your system!

Fortnite: Battle Royale - Top 5 Weapons

Here's a list of our personal favourites and why we think they're so good. Do also bear in mind that we don't consider this a definitive list by any means, as every gun has its strengths. Different players may well be naturally better with some weapons but not others. This is simply a list of the weapons which have brought us the most success.

So, without further ado and in no particular order...

M16 (Assault Rifle)

If you’re looking for a fairly common drop that’s also a perfect all-rounder, the M16 is one to hunt down. It’s pretty handy in short to mid-range engagements, delivering decent damage and accuracy that’ll take down opponents with only a few well-placed shots.

When it comes to long range engagements, the M16 begins to struggle a little though as its bullet spread can vary wildly the more you hold down the trigger. You can remedy this by tapping the trigger lightly, but you'll need to be exceptionally accurate if you want to dent your target.

Pump/Tactical Shotgun

An absolute must for any inventory, both the Pump and Tactical shotguns are the perfect tools for dominating close-range duels.

The Pump has a much slower fire rate, but if you land a perfect hit it’s capable of dealing 95 damage - enough to almost one-shot an enemy! Of course, in order to truly take advantage of this weapon you’ll need decent aim, as missing a single shot could cost you dearly.

In the current build of the game you're able to mitigate the lengthy reload times by equipping two Pump Shotguns and rapidly swapping between them after every shot. Granted, it can take some time to master, but it's absolutely devastating in close range fights.

Our personal favourite, the Tactical Shotgun, trades damage for a much higher fire rate. This means it’s much easier to handle as it’s less reliant on landing those pinpoint accurate shots. You’re able to jump around, strafe and generally zip all over the place while spamming the trigger.

Bolt Action/Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Essential for taking out targets at range, having a sniper rifle in your inventory can significantly increase your chances of slaying the competition and emerging victorious.

Although you’ll have to perfect your aim and take into account bullet drop, landing a headshot with a sniper rifle will eliminate your opponent in an instant. Snipers also become increasingly important as matches drag on. One-versus-one duels increase in number as the clock ticks on, and as the circle tightens, holding a fixed position with a sniper rifle in tow allows you to spot targets and land critical hits without moving a muscle.

Personally, we prefer the Bolt Action over the Semi-Auto as it promotes better play - you've really got to make every shot count. With the Semi-Auto we're prone to standing still and spamming shots, as opposed to taking our time. This usually results in disaster as we're unintentionally placing ourselves in a vulnerable position. The Bolt Action rewards patience, accuracy and good positioning, what more could you want?

Rocket Launcher

Think of the explosive goodness of the Rocket Launcher as more of a tool than anything. It may seem strange, but it’s less useful when you're attempting to kill an enemy, and far better when it comes to destroying forts or parts of the environment.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use it to take out a group of enemies in one huge blast, but it’s fantastic for quickly wiping out cover and leaving enemies wide open.

Just remember that ammo's fairly scarce for this weapon, so loot as many ammo crates as possible to build up a decent supply of rockets.

SCAR (Assault Rifle)

By far the strongest weapon in the game at the moment, the SCAR assault rifle is the M16’s big brother and it’s a gun that'll handle just about any situation you throw at it.

It’s got pretty outstanding accuracy, sterling damage and it’s effective at all ranges. In many ways it feels like a very bog-standard weapon. There’s no unique characteristic or single, overpowered element to its design. It’s just outstanding in every regard and that's why you need it in your arsenal.

Be aware that the SCAR only drops as an Epic or Legendary, so your best bet for getting hold of one is to seek out loot chests or aggress on enemies.

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Honourable Mentions

A small section dedicated to the weapons which aren't top tier but are still ridiculously strong in the right hands. If you're interested in the other projectile options beyond the Boogie Bomb, make sure you check out our guide to all the Fortnite: Battle Royale grenades.

  • Crossbow - Introduced with the first Valentine's update, the Crossbow is a variant on the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. It's got a very slow rate of fire and heavy bullet drop, but the trade off is immense damage, unlimited ammo and near silent operation. This thing can be lethal in the right hands.
  • Burst Rifle - Does what it says on the tin. Fires a quick burst of three shots per second when you pull the trigger. This makes it one of the most accurate assault rifles from afar, but once you get into close range fights it really struggles.
  • Boogie Bomb - Throw this into an enemy's vicinity and it'll force them to dance for a few seconds. It's both amusing and brilliant for instantly flipping a fight in your favour. Only trouble is, you have to be pretty accurate as it explodes on impact. Miss and you could put yourself in a less than favourable position.

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