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Fortnite: Battle Royale Levelling guide - Fast levelling, rewards, ranks and unlocks

How to level up in Fortnite: Battle Royale nice and quickly.

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Our Fortnite: Battle Royale levelling guide explains how to hit the top level fast, gain ranks and unlock more rewards through the levelling system.

The levelling system in Fortnite: Battle Royale is a surprisingly complex beast. For a start, you earn experience points which advance your season level. As you increase your season level though, you gain something known as Battle Stars. These Stars are then used to advance your Battle Pass, which unlocks all sorts of cosmetic goodies as you climb up the ranks and hit new tiers in the pass itself.

It can all be a little bit confusing for a new player to be perfectly honest, and so we've pulled together all the information you need to know about Battle Royale's levelling system in one place.

First off all we take a look at the latest Battle Pass and its associated challenges, then we look at how to actually gain more experience points through regular play. After that we cover the Battle Star / Pass process in general. Finally we've got a video for you which highlights some tips for faster levelling.

We'll update this guide over time, and we'd love to include your own tips for grinding out those ranks nice and quickly. Sign up and let us know what's working for you in the comments.

Season 6 Battle Pass

The Season 6 Battle Pass is an essential purchase if you want to level up fast, and that's because it provides exclusive EXP benefits you won't get otherwise.

As for how the Battle Pass works, you level it up by winning games, completing challenges and picking up XP through normal play. Some of those challenges can be quite tricky, so we're highlighting all of our coverage here so you can use them to level up nice and fast. Use the links to access our dedicated pages for the trickier challenges.

After this section you'll find details of the XP system, how Battle Stars actually work, as well as loads of tips for climbing the ranks quickly.

Make sure you head on over to our Season 6 guide for a complete overview of what's on offer, and guides for every weekly challenge so far.

Experience Points (XP) explained

There are a number of different ways of gaining experience points (XP) in Fortnite: Battle Royale, but you'll pick up a steady stream of them simply by playing the game (who knew?). There are a few factors which determine how much XP you'll gain from any given match though.

The longer you last before being picked off by an opponent, for example, the more XP you'll be granted at the end of the match. The higher you place overall, the greater the XP reward you'll receive. There are further bonuses for the number of kills you manage to achieve as well, and if you manage to emerge as top-dog with a Victory Royale then you can look forward to a particularly generous dollop of XP to help you rank up even faster.

Not only that, but if you reach a certain milestone on your Battle Pass (see further down the page), you'll gain a bonus XP modifier which is applied to every point that you earn subsequently. It's possible to more than double your gains in this way, so there's a lot of incentive to advance through the tiers - and, of course, pay a premium to Epic...

Weekly Challenges

As well as earning experience points in the game through regular play, you can also pick up a decent chunk of points by completing your Weekly Challenges. They add up quickly over time and can really help you rise through the ranks.

These Weekly Challenges are rotating tasks which set you objective to kill players using a certain weapon, for example, or play in a specific game mode. You can hold onto a handful of these at any given time, and abandon them too if they don't take your fancy.

For a closer look at all of the possible tasks in the game, take a look through our comprehensive Weekly Challenges guide - it's got the lowdown on every challenge, with tips for ticking them off quickly as well.

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Battle Stars

Battle Stars are the units of progress that are used to advanced the tiers that you'll find in the new Battle Pass that releases at the start of each season.

It can all seem a little bit confusing at first, so here's a very simplistic breakdown of how it all works.

- You are rewarded with Battle Stars as you increase your season level (see above).

- Every time you level up in a season, you'll gain one Battle Star.

- When you hit five-level milestones (Level 5, Level 15, Level 25, Level 35 etc), you'll receive five bonus Battle Stars.

- When you hit ten-level milestones (Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, Level 40 etc), you'll receive ten bonus Battle Stars.

Keep in mind as you're doing this that there are two different kinds of Battle Pass: the free one and the premium one.

The free version has only a limited number of cosmetic items for you to unlock across the entire season, while the premium paid-for pass contains many, many more items.

The good news is that if you decide to buy the premium pass later on in the season, your progress from the free model is applied to the paid-for plan immediately. That means you'll get all the additional rewards that you would have unlocked if you'd signed up at the very start.

At a certain tier in the Battle Pass you unlock an XP Boost, which speeds up your rise through the seasonal ranks, which in turn increases the rate at which you earn Battle Stars, and so on. It becomes a virtuous circle of progress in that regard.

Note that if you're finding the process a bit of a slog, you can actually spend V-Bucks in order to skip a tier or two. It costs 150 V-Bucks per tier though, and so we recommend checking out our guide to getting free V-Bucks if you're looking for a headstart.

Fast levelling tips

To wrap things up, here's a video that explains some of the methods you can use to make your levelling in Fortnite: Battle Royale as fast as possible:

Video by Fantastical Gamer

Complete your challenges - Every week, there's a set of brand new challenges to take on. Complete these and you'll earn bonus Battle Stars which'll go nicely towards levelling up. They vary in difficulty, but many of them can be completed naturally as you play.

Open chest and ammo crates - You're going to be doing this anyways, but it's just another reminder to keep cracking open those chests and keep seeking out ammo crates no matter how geared up you are.

Last as long as you can each game - As we've mentioned further up the page, one of the contributing factors in determining your match XP, is to simply survive longer. That means going to less populated areas and dodging fights.

Chase kills - It's either survive as long as you can, or be aggressive, get kills but risk elimination early. If you can combine both you'll be cashing in loads of EXP, so we recommend spending a few matches chasing down opponents as this'll increase your chances of earning kills and also improve your game in general. Keep at it and you'll find your EXP earning rate will increase as you become better!

Buy the Battle Pass - We know the Battle Pass costs around £7.99 of real world money, but you'll need to purchase it if you want to level fast. Once you've bought it, you'll receive a huge +50% boost to your match EXP earning for the entire season! That's a massive increase and one that'll help you level up your Battle Pass ranking no matter what.

Play with friends - If you're able to, playing with a friend of a similar skill level will help you bag even more EXP. You're more likely to get involved in fights, which means kills. What's more, if everyone in your squad has a Battle Pass, you'll take advantage of the +10% Friend Match XP bonus that it provides. This stacks too, so you could potentially have a +40% boost!

Embrace the Double XP Weekend - It goes without saying that it's worth keeping an eye out for the rare Double XP Weekends that can spring up towards the end of a Season. You'll earn twice as much EXP per match so it's the perfect time to hop into game, spam some matches and get that rank up as quickly as you can.

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