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Fortnite: Best Keybinds 2019

A helpful resource for mastering your keyboard, right at your fingertips.

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We're all used to firing up a new PC game and feeling confused about how to access all the commands via the keyboard.

That's not surprising, given how simple controllers are. With a keyboard, you can create shortcuts, rebind certain keys, create macros and much more.

In a survival game like Fortnite, it's even more important that you can quickly access what you need in the heat of battle.

You'll also focus on building defensive structures in the final stages too. The faster you can build those fortresses, the better chance you have of winning.

In our guide to mastering the best Fortnite keybinds, we've first of all outlined the default controls so you can get up to speed on the basics quickly.

After that, we've got tips on how to tweak your keybinds for maximum performance. We've also provided insight into how some of the world's best Fortnite players customize their keybinds too.

Above all, make sure you experiment until you find a setup that works for you. We all have different preferences, and what matters is that you give yourself the best chance of survival!

After finishing reading this article, you'll understand:

  • The default PC controls for Fortnite
  • How to rebind your PC controls
  • The best keybinds for the PC version of the game
  • How the pros rebind their keys for Fortnite

Default PC Controls

Here are the default keyboard controls for Fortnite that you'll want to be very familiar with.

  • Up, Down, Left, Right - WASD
  • Cursor Mode - Left Alt/Right Alt
  • Jump - Space Bar
  • Fire - Left Mouse Button
  • Aim Down Sight (ADS) - Right Mouse Button
  • Reload - R
  • Use - E
  • Trap Equip/Picker - T
  • Building Edit - G
  • Repair/Upgrade - F
  • Rotate Building - R
  • Sprint - Left Shift
  • Change Building Material - Right Mouse Button
  • Reset Building Edit - Right Mouse Button
  • Weapon Slots - 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Ability Slots - 5, 6, 7
  • Gadget Slots - 8, 9
  • Building Slots - F1, F2, F3, F4
  • Trap Slot - F5
  • Switch Quickbar - Q
  • Slot Up - Mouse Wheel Down
  • Slot Down - Mouse Wheel Down
  • Chat - Enter
  • Quick Chat Message - B
  • Place a Note - N
  • Spot Target - Middle Mouse Button
  • Selected Building Type - V
  • Toggle Map - M
  • Toggle Inventory - I
  • Skip Cutscene - Space Bar
  • Resurrect - Left Mouse Button
  • Respawn - Right Mouse Button
  • Crouch - Left Ctrl
  • Push To Talk - Y

PC Keybinding Tips

Here's how to rebind your keys. We've also got some advice on those controls you may want to consider rebinding.

How to rebind

  • When you’re at the main menu, click the three strips in the top right corner.
  • Select the cog, then click on the ‘Input’ tab.
  • Now select whatever key you want to rebind by clicking on it, then press the key that you want it bound to.

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Rebind Tips

Building Options

Building quickly under pressure is essential, and we’re not huge fans of all the building options that have been bound to the function keys by default.

Instead, we’ve found it’s much better to rebind the most commonly-used ones to keys that are much closer to your fingertips.

For walls, ramps and flat platforms we’ve found these rebind options to be the best so far:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Q or E
  • Building option 2 (platforms): F or V
  • Building option 3 (ramp): F or V

As an alternative, you could try this setup for building options:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Z
  • Building option 2 (platforms): X
  • Building option 3 (ramp): C

The only issue we've had with this setup is the positioning of Z, X, and C just below your main movement keys.

It can be physically difficult to press them while on the move, as you'll have one set of fingers pressing WASD at the same time.

If you can get used to it though, this set of keybinds can be particularly effective. It's nice and straightforward to remember.

Finally, you can bind various building options to your mouse side buttons:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Thumb Mouse Button 4
  • Building option 2 (platforms): Thumb Mouse Button 2 or other key of your choosing.
  • Building option 3 (ramp): Thumb Mouse Button 3

Using your mouse thumb buttons can be a little odd at first, but keep practicing and you'll get used to it.

If you can master this, it's by far the fastest way to build. Your fingers won't have to leave the comfort of your mouse at all!


For those of you who’ve got a mouse with side buttons, binding one of them to quick-swap to your pickaxe is extremely helpful.

It means that you won't have to press 1 every time, which saves time and does away with the risk of fumbling your key presses.

Otherwise, depending on how stiff the click is, you could rebind it to your middle mouse button for an even quicker way to whip out your pickaxe.

What do the pros use?

Sometimes it's nice to know what setup some of the very best players use (courtesy of You can take inspiration, or at least be safe in the knowledge that quick building is possible with their bindings.

Here's a couple of pro-player templates:


  • Jump - Space Bar
  • Sprint - Left Shift
  • Crouch - C
  • Reload - R
  • Use - E
  • Harvesting Tool - 1
  • Weapon Slot 1 - 2
  • Weapon Slot 2 - 3
  • Weapon Slot 3 - 4
  • Weapon Slot 4 - Z
  • Weapon Slot 5 - X
  • Building Slot 1 (Wall) - Thumb Mouse Button 4
  • Building Slot 2 (Floor) - Q or Scroll Side Click Left (Logitech G502 Feature)
  • Building Slot 3 (Stairs) -Thumb Mouse Button 5
  • Building Slot 4 (Roof) -Left Shift or Scroll Side Click Right (Logitech G502 Feature)
  • Trap - 5

TSM Myth

  • Use V
  • Jump - Space Bar
  • Crouch - Left Ctrl
  • Repair/Upgrade - Left Alt
  • Harvesting Tool - Left Shift
  • Weapon Slot 1 - 1
  • Weapon Slot 2 - 2
  • Weapon Slot 3 - 3
  • Weapon Slot 4 - Mouse Wheel Up
  • Weapon Slot 5 - Mouse Wheel Down
  • Building Slot 1 (Wall) - Q
  • Building Slot 2 (Floor) -Thumb Mouse Button 5
  • Building Slot 3 (Ramp) - C
  • Building Slot 4 (Roof) - E
  • Trap Slot - F5

That's the end of our guide to the best Fortnite keybinds. If you've got a set up that's working well for you, please share it in the comments!

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