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Fortnite: Heavy Shotgun guide - Damage stats, tips and release time

Everything we know so far about the Heavy Shotgun.

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Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Heavy Shotgun guide contains damage stats and tips to help you master this new weapon.

A brand-new Shotgun is now live in Fortnite: Battle Royale and we reckon it has the potential to shake up the game tremendously. It’s called the Heavy Shotgun, and that means every blast from this beefy weapon will deliver an immense amount of damage.

We’re currently working with very limited information about this weapon, but we do know that the Heavy Shotgun ahs higher range than all other Shotguns currently in the game. It’s also based on the SPAS12 which is semi-automatic and capable of rattling off shots in quick succession. It’s essentially an amped-up version of the popular Tactical Shotgun!

Below we’ve put together everything you need to know about the new Heavy Shotgun and we’ll update this page with all the latest as soon as we know more!

Heavy Shotgun: Overview

Here’s everything we know so far about the Heavy Shotgun, along with a healthy dose of speculation. Expect a huge update once it goes live later on at midday!

Damage Stats

We’ll have these up as soon as we can, bear with us!

NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Heavy ShotgunEpic73.573.51.075.9
Heavy ShotgunLegendary77.

Essential Info

  • It’s got a higher range than all of the other Shotguns in the game.
  • You can only obtain this weapon in Chests and Supply Crates.
  • While it may have higher range, it won’t be ridiculously overpowered in this regard. You’ll still have to get up close and personal to deliver big damage.
  • It’s based on the SPAS12, a very powerful semi-automatic shotgun.
  • It’s Fortnite’s first Legendary Shotgun. This means it's available in both Epic and Legendary flavours.
  • If anything, we can see this weapon being used by all players who come across it, considering how powerful Shotguns are in the game overall.

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Heavy Shotgun Tips and Tricks

Here are a few pointers to help you get up and running with the Heavy Shotgun.

We’ll expand on this greatly once the Heavy Shotgun launches, so stay tuned for an imminent update!

Video by Muselk. Skip to 12:24 to see it in action!

  • When firing the Heavy Shotgun, make sure you’re getting up close and personal for optimal damage.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump around when you’re engaged in a duel with another opponent, as it’ll make you harder to hit at closer proximity.
  • Even with a Shotgun, focus on hitting the head if you possibly can. If you land your shot just right, you can potentially take out an enemy with a single blast.
  • It's essential that you land your shots, so try and take that extra half-second to line up your crosshair before blasting someone. Miss and it could cost you dear, so be patient!

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  • Anonymous-Info-Hacke #1 2 years ago
    Hello fortnite users. I have had experience with heavy shotguns and the Tactics are simple. First off, i will start with the creation of the heavy shotgun by epic games workers minds.

    The creation of the heavy shotgun was made to be a secret weapon. Which is also why its pretty rare to find.

    From seeing videos, gameplays of how heavy shotgun has shed a lot of hatred because of how "weak" it is .

    Dont listen to youre friends. Read this.

    To use the heavy shotgun, you must AIM.

    I know, its stupid because "heavy" shotgun.

    The things people tell you, get close and personal, yea if you wanna die fast, cool.

    The last fortnite game i played, I killed a whole squad with a legendary (gold) heavy shotgun. I would jump up and like a quick scope, I aim at the chest or up and dealing 180-196 damage.

    Yea, never knew that huh.

    Just jump, and once you land, you will have to immediately quick scope or hard scope im the head or on body near head to get a great amount of damage.

    May take getting used to but its worth it.

    I will leave a link in this comment to a video of me using the heavy shotgun and getting a good amount of damage.

    - Anonymous Info Hacker