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Fortnite: Best places to land

These landing spots are guaranteed to get you ahead of the game.

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On this page you'll find the best places to land in Fortnite: Battle Royale to achieve the best possible start.

How you kick off a game of Fortnite usually dictates how the rest of the match will pan out. End up landing in a bad spot and you'll likely face a mad scramble to bag all the juicy loot before everyone else does, or simply end up with the scraps and come up against an enemy later down the lines who's sporting an abundance of legendary gear.

There’s a lot of map to cover, and so it’s very difficult to ascertain which spots will be safe to land in, and - most importantly - which will have a higher chance of containing those all-important loot chests. That’s why we’ve put together an easy to follow guide that will show you some of the best spots to land so you can get geared up nice and quickly.

This isn’t a definitive list by any means! If you’ve got a landing spot that you believe is under-rated and that you use often, don’t hesitate to pop it into the comments section and we may even highlight it in the guide in the next update.

Fortnite’s map is constantly evolving, and there’s no exception for the latest patch. Retail Row is back and the ominous meteor from back in Season 3 is suspended in space between Dusty Depot and Salty Springs.

Read on for our top picks for where to land and get your looting going!

Loot Lake

The Loot Lake Crater itself has become a low-gravity zone. The source of all these time travelling shenanigans, the orb in the centre, acts as a Rift as well, teleporting you high into the air for a re-drop. Buildings and islands surrounding the low-gravity area (clearly visible with a huge glowing aura) host chests and resources, with the orb’s Rift giving you an escape if the combat gets a bit too intense.

Retail Row

The old favourite returns, and this time you’re not alone. A risky drop, to be sure, but a valuable one if you can survive. Retail Row is home to crowds of bargain-hunting Fiends, NPCs killing anything in their path. The loot here is as good as it’s always been, and is supplemented by the reward gained by killing off these Fiends, from ammo to health. You can even destroy the purple towers from which they spawn for bonus loot, if you have the time. Just be careful: even the best players can get stuck in a crowd of wild shoppers, and the big chunky Fiends are tankier than you’d expect.

Tilted Town

Another area impacted by time rift shenanigans, Tilted Town’s Wild West theme is the perfect place for run-and-gunners to find their feet. Find your way into a building and start looting - this place is full of Shotguns and Six Shooters if that’s your thing, but has a whole bunch of weapon types about for those who root around a little more.

To increase your chances of survival, land on top of a building and find your way inside, ideally picking up a Pump Shotgun or some other close-range weapon on the way. Here, you can hopefully catch enemies unawares, clicking on their face before they can whip out the gun they’re after.

Listen for nearby Chests, and remember that with the v10.10 patch you can open them by destroying them, a solid choice if there’s a damaged one and you’re in a rush. If you catch a bit of respite, there are a couple of campfires dotted around for a touch of extra healing. You do have to call your squadmates ‘pardner’ the whole time you’re in there, though. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Pleasant Park

Looking for a quieter drop? The kind of drop that’ll let you get a bit of kit before being thrown into the fray? This might just be your spot then. Often a bit off the Battle Bus’ path, there’s enough buildings here for everyone to get some loot in. In fact, some of our favourite locations are just a bit away from Pleasant Park.

There’s some standalone buildings with chests and loot to the east and west of the POI where we really like to begin the game. Often they’ll be near enough empty, and you’ll have the opportunity to gear up before rotating south towards Loot Lake.

Do be warned though - when you come up against people who’ve survived the early onslaught, you’ll need to work harder to overcome them and their likely superior kit.

Paradise Palms

Introduced at the start of Season 5, this large desertscape is home to a number of great landing spots which'll help you get off to a good start. There are a couple of built up areas filled to the brim with loot. We're also fans of the quieter areas to the north which aren't quite as plush, but they’re safer and you can pick up some sweet rides over at the racetrack.

Fatal Fields

The big barns in Fatal Fields offer plenty of loot hidden behind your bog-standard hay bales and tyres. Charge through any one of these buildings, listening out for Chests as you go (they could be hiding on a different floor or behind an obstacle), and if you spot an opening pick up the quadbike to trundle on over to your next destination.

Once you’ve got your mitts on a decent few firearms and shields, you can engage some enemies trying to do the same or try to shake foes in the tall crops growing in the farmers’ field. There, you can look for a way out and try to head north towards Salty Springs, stopping off at the various loot sites along the way.

Haunted Hills

Look to the top-left of your map and you'll see both Junk Junction and Haunted Hills tucked away in the corner. Just to the right of these two locations is a small group of ruined houses, chock full of juicy loot chests.

This is a prime location if you're looking for somewhere pretty quiet, and want an easy time finding those all-important golden chests.

Once you're done here it's worth moving over to Junk Junction, Haunted Hills or even Pleasant Park if you've got the time. All of these areas are likely to be populated with stragglers who've done all the looting for you - be aggressive and claim it as your own.

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Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing is often the Battle Bus’ first stop, so be ready for a lot of competition.

Don’t go for the middle of the town - you’ll get shot down in seconds. Instead, pick up some loot in one of the surrounding buildings or the hilltop just to the north, from where you can drop into the house below.

Depending on the storm’s location, you might be able to hang about and pick off foes trying to move to a new spot, but you can always start moving to the east and loot a couple of the close areas of Paradise Palms while you’re down here.

Happy Hamlet

Northeast of Lucky Landing is a snowy area known as Happy Hamlet. Instead of going directly into the line of fire here, we’d suggest heading over towards the cluster of buildings Northwest of the POI. Here, you’ll find a hefty load of loot, with Chests coming out of your ears and hopefully some intense disco firefights. Happy Hamlet and Shifty Shafts are close enough that you can try to pick off enemies who’ve already looted those areas too.

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Salty Springs

Salty Springs is a solid looting spot, but the real deal is the enormous skeleton just northwest of it. The remains of Cattus - the great beast defeated by a huge mech in last season’s event - host beautiful cherry blossoms and greenery. More importantly though, the remains host a bunch of sweet loot. Be warned: you’ll need to approach the skeleton from the right angle to maximise your profits.

At the point where the sword pierces the skull, you’ll find the first Chest you’re looking for. From there, make your way down, picking up the loose guns scattered around. There’s another chest on the layer below, following the path the great sword forged. From there, trot on down the monster’s spine and a chest will be hanging out on one of its vertebrae. All this time, of course, there’s a whole bunch of ammo crates, weapons, grenades and the like lying around, so don’t forget to grab them all!

Sunny Steps

The pyramids in the far northeast of the map are a prime landing location. Once you’ve looted one, it’s a perfect location for mid-range firefights, so if you’re confident in outgunning your opponents then go for it. From there, it’s easy enough to head over to Lonely Lodge or Pressure Plant if you’re looking for more action.

Snobby Shores

Located in the far west side of the island, Snobby Shores is an area where there’s a lot of loot to be had if you go about it in the right way. In the snowy area just south of the Snobby Shores POI, in the middle of grid square A6, you’ll find a couple of houses ripe for looting. Listen out for Chests, they’ll be hiding in the rooftops of the buildings.

Alternatively, land on the mountaintop just northeast of here for a slightly bigger area with equally large amounts of loot. Again, the Chests will be in the attic, so trundle around as many of these little huts, hoovering up as much stuff as you can. You should be kitted out for a full-on assault of Sunny Shores proper, especially given your altitude advantage over every other surrounding location!

Lonely Lodge

On the face of it, this less built-up area might seem like a rubbish landing spot. However, discerning players will be able to make it work. It’s not the most popular landing spot, so if you’re looking for a slightly quieter start to the game, you might enjoy scavenging around the campsites and buildings here. Use the ziplines to get around quickly, hopping from hilltop to hilltop, making sure to pass through the Lodge and the Watchtower to collect the goodies on offer.

Of course, keep your eyes and ears open for anyone else who had the same bright idea! If you’re looking for an escape strategy there’s a cluster of buildings between Lonely Lodge and Retail Row you could head over towards, and quadbikes can be grabbed from outside the Lodge for a speedier exit.

Yellow Location Names

You might spot a location name highlighted in yellow rather than the standard white. This means in this area, you’ll find drones flying around, which can be shot down for quality loot. It’s always a good shout to keep your eyes open for this at the start of the game, as it may influence your decision as to where you want to land.

Sometimes, it’s actually best to avoid these areas if you think it’ll be crowded initially, but equally if you reckon it’s off the beaten path enough for you to snag a couple rare drops, then absolutely go for it. You’ll have to find a gun first to start getting the loot though, and remember: your gunshots will alert any nearby enemies to your location. Try to move through these areas swiftly and efficiently - don’t get greedy.

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  • gsekai #2 A year ago
    i playing this game on mobile , but it seem to be interesting to play this on my pc
  • Lord-ag #3 2 years ago
    In my experience, Dusty Depot had always been a good place to land. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it's a cluster of three warehouses near Loot Lake. At least two out of the three warehouses have chests in the center, and at least one of the two alleys in between have some sort of loot there. Due to the common frequency of chest spawns, Dusty Depot is a hub for many players, and you could find yourself surrounded by many armed players, while you have nothing because everything was already looted.

    In this case, you can dip out and bounce to Tilted Towers, which is not that far away. Along the way, you can harvest the oak trees, pine trees, and stone formations you see along the way.
  • Bludsh0t #4 2 years ago
    Moisty Mire is my always landing spot. Loads of stuff, hardly ever anyone else there, and it's on the edge of the map so people don;t sneak up on you from behind.