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Fortnite: Best places to land

These landing spots are guaranteed to get you ahead of the game.

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On this page you'll find the best places to land in Fortnite: Battle Royale to achieve the best possible start.

How you kick off a game of Fortnite usually dictates how the rest of the match will pan out. End up landing in a bad spot and you'll likely face a mad scramble to bag all the juicy loot before everyone else does, or simply end up with the scraps and come up against an enemy later down the lines who's sporting an abundance of legendary gear.

There’s a lot of map to cover, and so it’s very difficult to ascertain which spots will be safe to land in, and - most importantly - which will have a higher chance of containing those all-important loot chests. That’s why we’ve put together an easy to follow guide that will show you some of the best spots to land so you can get geared up nice and quickly.

This isn’t a definitive list by any means! If you’ve got a landing spot that you believe is under-rated and that you use often, don’t hesitate to pop it into the comments section and we may even highlight it in the guide in the next update.

This guide is based largely on YouTuber thatdenverguy’s video as it provides an excellent insight into some of the best spots to land. Do make sure to give the video a watch as it’ll expand on the guide below with some extra detail and give you a better idea of what we’re describing.

If you find the video helpful, give it a thumbs up to support the creator as he makes some brilliant Fortnite content that’ll really improve your game!

Paradise Palms

Introduced at the start of Season 5, this large desertscape is home to a number of great landing spots which'll help you get off to a good start. There's a built up area to the southwest which is filled to the brim with loot. We're also fans of the quieter areas to the north which aren't quite as plush, but sit close to Rifts which you can use to reposition quickly once you've filled your pockets.

Haunted Hills Castle

A quiet spot located on the highground, which makes it a great spot to land, loot and gain the upper hand on any approaching enemies. There isn't an abundance of chests here, which could lead to some complications if you've landed with more than a handful of enemies.

Anarchy Acres

Just off to the left of Anarchy Acres is a nicely positioned motel with some pretty tasty loot tucked away inside. Get ready for a fight though, as this place is hotly contested in a typical match, and you'll like face a very fast fight to the death early on.

To increase your chances of survival, land on the abandoned houses and begin working your way into the motel. Use the gaps in the walls to seek out any opponents, stay on the rooftops and you'll gather vital intel on enemy positions.

Listen out for chests in the motel and make sure you check the trucks outside as well - they sometimes carry chests too. When you've finished here, you have opportunities to go exploring and looting in either Anarchy Acres itself or the nearby Pleasant Park.

Between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory

Plonked right in the middle of both Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory is a little area with an enormous wooden chair, a diner and a couple of houses.

This isn't a glamorous location filled with chests, but it does serve its purpose as a quiet place containing just enough gear to get you up and running. You'll want to loot everything swiftly before scouring the outer areas for more. There's an abandoned house nearby which contains a chest, and loads of trees to harvest too.

We recommend moving onto larger locations like Flush Factory or Shifty Shafts once you've cleaned up shop. You'll be sufficiently geared up to assassinate any enemies you run into, and as these areas are hotly contested it's likely you'll stumble into some fights and get the drop on multiple foes as well.

Fatal Fields

Make a beeline for Fatal Fields and you'll very quickly notice that there's a cluster of trucks located towards the southeastern section of this region. Once you've hoovered the loot up here, make your way to the nearby ramshackle house and have a good rummage around.

Once you've cleaned out the house, head west until you come to a pair of trucks. Search them thoroughly, and then consider making your way straight up to Moisty Mire. Just be ready for a fight when you get there as it can be quite a popular place to get kitted out earlier on in a game.

Haunted Hills

Look to the top-left of your map and you'll see both Junk Junction and Haunted Hills tucked away in the corner. Just to the right of these two locations is a small group of ruined houses, chock full of juicy loot chests.

This is a prime location if you're looking for somewhere pretty quiet, and want an easy time finding those all-important golden chests.

Once you're done here it's worth moving over to Junk Junction, Haunted Hills or even Pleasant Park if you've got the time. All of these areas are likely to be populated with stragglers who've done all the looting for you - be aggressive and claim it as your own.

Video by PlaystationGrenade

Flush Factory

When you arrive at Flush Factory, head straight towards the industrial chimney. It often has a chest at the top, which can provide you with a crucial weapon advantage when you first land on the map.

It goes without saying that you should scope out the environment quickly from this vantage point before doing anything else, in order to pick off any inattentive looters who might be milling about the place.

Next, go inside the chimney building and search upstairs and downstairs, paying special attention to the containers which may well contain a bonus chest or two. When you're done looting the buildings, make sure you check out the nearby vehicles as well, as they can contain a surprising amount of loot - every little helps after all!

Junk Junction

Just to the southeast of this area is a rather rundown compound that contains a surprisingly solid number of looting opportunities. Players have reported finding up to four chests in this location, but keep your eyes open on the first chest you want to loot as you approach on approach. That way you can quickly get geared up to deal with anyone else who's had the same idea about dropping into this zone.

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Salty Springs

Directly north of the “y” in Salty Springs is a mountain that's right on the cusp of the recently obliterated Dusty Depot. It's made of a number of different ridge lines, and is known to be packed full of loot.

As you approach, keep your eyes peeled both for other players who are after your stuffand where those goodies are exactly. That way you'll minimise the time you spend faffing and jumping around trying to locate equipment, so you can grab what's there and get on with the business of destroying the opposition.

Shifty Shafts

This can be a busy location at the start of a match, so as you're approaching keep a close eye on any weapons that will be easy to grab and give you a starting advantage. The buildings to the west of the shaft itself often contain a decent supply of weapons and chests.

You'll then be nicely tooled up to start approaching the main zone itself and get some kills.

Snobby Shores

To the south of Snobby Shores sit a pair of houses that will often allow you to get geared up nice and quickly. You also get a nice vantage point as you approach, which provides you with intel on how busy it's likely to be when you hit the dirt.

Once looted, you can then approach the main part of the zone and start looking for unwary victims. Make it to the dirt area just northwest of Greasy Grove and you may even come across a bonus chest here as well.

Tilted Towers

Although the zone itself has a pretty fearsome reputation, there's a indoor football field to the west of Tilted Towers that often contains some pretty good loot. Once you've picked up anything lying around on the pitch itself, you can head to the nearby building to see if there's anything else worth grabbing.

Feeling confident or at least tremendously tooled up at this point? Make your way to Tilted Tower and prepare for some near-guaranteed action!

Tomato Town

Another popular zone, Tomato Town nevertheless has some superb opportunities for gearing up early on in the game. If you go south from the town itself you'll eventually come to a bunker that passes down through the hill. Head through it, picking up any weapons you come across along the way, and you may well find a chest towards the exit.

Keep your eyes - and ears - peeled for other players who may have had the same idea as you, and we recommend exiting the tunnel in the direction of Tomato Town once you've reached the other end. That way you can see who's left standing from the main opening fight there, and pick 'em off - particularly effective if they've come out of their initial scrap looking a bit worse for wear!

Wailing Woods

As you approach Wailing Woods, try and land right by the big tree that's just to the northeast. As you fly in, keep your eyes peeled for a weapon that may be on the ground nearby. Otherwise, look for the chest(s) at the tree itself.

From Wailing Woods you have a reasonable approach to Tomato Town (see above), but be aware that you're likely to enter something of a frenzy at that point. The good news is that you have the height advantage as you approach, which may provide you with a few rather easy kills!

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  • hamadmohamed-ham #1 11 months ago
    fort nite batle bas
  • gsekai #2 A year ago
    i playing this game on mobile , but it seem to be interesting to play this on my pc
  • Lord-ag #3 A year ago
    In my experience, Dusty Depot had always been a good place to land. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it's a cluster of three warehouses near Loot Lake. At least two out of the three warehouses have chests in the center, and at least one of the two alleys in between have some sort of loot there. Due to the common frequency of chest spawns, Dusty Depot is a hub for many players, and you could find yourself surrounded by many armed players, while you have nothing because everything was already looted.

    In this case, you can dip out and bounce to Tilted Towers, which is not that far away. Along the way, you can harvest the oak trees, pine trees, and stone formations you see along the way.
  • Bludsh0t #4 A year ago
    Moisty Mire is my always landing spot. Loads of stuff, hardly ever anyone else there, and it's on the edge of the map so people don;t sneak up on you from behind.

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