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Fortnite: Battle Royale - All weapons tier list with stats

Absolutely everything you need to know about the best weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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Our Fortnite: Battle Royale weapons page lists all weapons in the game, with comprehensive stats and a tier list for each category.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the weapons available in Fortnite will allow you to make upgrade decisions much more quickly and increase your chances of survival. The less time you spend mulling over gun options after all, the more time you've got to pay attention to the battle royale at hand.

Given that all characters possess the same innate qualities, it's these weapons that make the real difference to your performance in Battle Royale. That's from a pure stat perpsective, of course, and if you want to improve your general performance in the game, your first port of call should be our core Fortnite: Battle Royale guide.

Back to the weapons though. All things being equal, whoever has the better gun in any given encounter in the game is going to win the fight, and so we've put together this comprehensive weapons list, explaining how much pain each gun can dish out.

Before we do that, we've put together a couple of initial sections that'll take you through some important background issues when it comes to weapons. We've got the weapon rarity system, followed by the damage calculation system. You'll find both of these sections just below.

It's worth mentioning that at the very bottom of the page is a list of some of our favourite weapons in the game. This'll give you an even better idea of how some of the weapons perform in game!

Editor's UPDATE #15: We've combed through all the stats on this page and made sure they're all up to date as of March 2019. As Fortnite continues to expand its armory, we'll keep digging out the stats so you can get a better idea of what's strong and what's worth leaving on the ground. Stay tuned for further updates!

Weapon Rarities

There are five different rarities with regards to weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale. As you collect items from the map and from the loot chests that are sprinkled around the place, it's possible to get the same weapon, but with a different rarity. The better the rarity of that gun, the better its stats will be.

Starting with the weakest and ending with the strongest, here's what you need to know about weapon tiers in the game:

  • Gray - Common
  • Green - Uncommon
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Orange - Legendary

What items should you be keeping a particular eye out for? Our Best Fortnite Battle Royale Weapons page highlights the top five guns you need in your armoury.

Damage calculations

What's in a number? It's important to look at each weapon value as part of a whole when deciding on the best weapon to pack at any given time. Some weapons pack a bigger punch, sure, but they might also have a slower rate of fire.

Then you have to consider things like magazine size and so on. If you're a super-shot who never misses their mark, then you're not going to be too fussed about these things. If you need a little more wiggle room for your aim, however, then generally speaking you're going to favour something a bit more forgiving.

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The Vault

Just a quick note on the Vault before we dive into the weapons section. Throughout our numerous tables detailing all of the weapons in Fortnite, you'll find some of them with asterisks above their names. This indicates that they've been placed in the Vault by Epic, but what does this mean?

Essentially, Epic has made this weapon available previously, but it's now been removed from the game for the foreseeable future. This could be due to all sorts of factors. For instance, said weapon could have been game-breaking, perhaps no-one used it, or Epic decided that it needed to be made more fun to use.

Weapons which are vaulted aren't necessarily ruled out forever. Often they'll make a comeback months down the line with new mechanics and stats, or even changed entirely.

Weapon list

In this section you'll find a breakdown of the Fortnite: Battle Royale weapon list with the most important stats for each one.

Note that we've also attempted to provide a ranking of the best weapons within each category. Some of these are simple to parse, and are based purely on the relative DPS output. In other case you need to look to the broader stat spread and weigh up the pluses and minuses in each case.

All stats are subject to change as the game is patched.

Assault Rifles

NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Burst (FAMAS)Epic168321.75302.5
Burst (FAMAS)Legendary173.25331.75302.3
Thermal ScopedEpic64.8361.8152.2
Thermal ScopedLegendary66.6371.8152.1
Light Machine Gun*Rare2002581005
Light Machine Gun*Epic2082681004.7

Assault Rifle Tier List

  • 1. Legendary SCAR | Epic Scoped
  • 2. Epic SCAR | Rare M16 | Rare Burst | Rare Scoped | Rare Bolt-Action | Epic Bolt-Action
  • 3. Highest DPS

*Currently in the vault.

Grenade Launchers

NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Grenade LauncherRare100100162.9
Grenade LauncherEpic105105162.8
Grenade LauncherLegendary110100162.7

Grenade Launcher Tier List

  • 1. Legendary Grenade Launcher
  • 2. Highest DPS


NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Suppressed PistolRare175.5266.75161.3
Suppressed PistolEpic189286.75161.3
Hand CannonEpic60750.872.1
Hand CannonLegendary62.4780.872.0
Dual PistolsRare162.36413.96182.8
Dual PistolsEpic170.28433.96182.7
Six Shooter*Uncommon17034562.42
Six Shooter*Rare18036562.3
Six Shooter*Epic19038562.19
Scoped RevolverEpic8442262.32
Scoped RevolverLegendary8844262.2

Pistol Tier List

  • 1. Legendary Suppressed Pistol
  • 2. Highest DPS

*Currently in the vault.

Rocket Launchers

NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Rocket LauncherEpic871160.7512.66
Rocket LauncherLegendary90.71210.7512.52
Guided Missile*Epic55.5740.7512.4
Guided Missile*Legendary57.7770.7512.2
Quad LauncherEpic8080144.75
Quad LauncherLegendary8484144.5

Rocket Launcher Tier List

  • 1. Legendary Quad Launcher
  • 2. Highest DPS

*Currently in the vault.


NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Pump ShotgunUncommon66.5950.754.8
Pump ShotgunRare701000.754.6
Pump ShotgunEpic73.51050.754.4
Pump ShotgunLegendary771100.754.2
Double Barrel*Epic216.61141.922.8
Double Barrel*Legendary2281201.922.7
Tactical ShotgunUncommon100.5671.586.3
Tactical ShotgunRare105701.586
Tactical ShotgunEpic111741.586
Heavy Shotgun*Epic73.573.51.075.9
Heavy Shotgun*Legendary77771.075.6

Shotgun Tier List

  • 1. Epic Tactical Shotgun
  • 2. Rare Tactical Shotgun
  • 3. Highest DPS

*Currently in the vault.

Sniper Rifles

NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Bolt-Action (AWP)*Rare34.651050.3313
Bolt-Action (AWP)*Epic36.31100.3312.8
Hunting RifleUncommon68.8860.811.9
Hunting RifleRare72900.811.8

Sniper Rifle Tier List

  • 1. Heavy Sniper
  • 2. Legendary Bolt-Action (AWP)

*Currently in the vault.

Submachine Guns

NameRarityDPSDamageFire RateMagReload
Compact SMGEpic2002010403.1
Compact SMGLegendary2102110402.97
Drum Gun*Uncommon234269503.2
Drum Gun*Rare243279503.0

Submachine Gun Tier List

  • 1. Legendary Minigun
  • 2. Epic Minigun
  • 2. Highest DPS

*Currently in the vault.


NameRarityDPSDamageCrit ChanceCrit DamageStructure Damage
Boogie BombRare005%50%0
Impulse Grenade*Rare005%50%0
Shockwave Grenade*Rare00000
Remote Explosive*Rare-70-->1200
Stink BombEpic105 (per half-second, duration of 9 seconds)---

*Currently in the vault.

Our favourites

Here's a list of the weapons we deem to be the most effective in game right now.

Video by Chaos

We're huge fans of having a pump shotgun in our inventory. If you're aim is on point, then you can two-shot, or even one-shot enemies! It's also brilliant in the early game where most enemies you encounter aren't armoured up, meaning you can take them down in one or two swift shots.

Once upon a time we rated the Tactical SMG one of the best short range shredders, but it was subsequently toned down once Epic realised it was a little too powerful for its own good. We're happy to say that after quite some time, we've got a replacement. The Drum Gun is quite frankly a little ridiculous when you're holding the trigger down. A fast fire rate and huge magazine make this a formidable Shotgun alternative.

While we'll never turn down the all-round power of the SCAR, we reckon the Burst Assault Rifle is one of the best mid to long range killers in the game. For one, it's unbelievably accurate if you let the reticule sit for a second or two and it'll drop opponents in only a matter of seconds if you land a few choice shots to the body or head.

Out of all the grenades in Fortnite, we've found the trusty Remote Explosive to be the most useful of the lot. They've got immense structural damage so are fantastic for levelling enemy forts or hiding spots with a few quick placements.

The Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is easily the best long range weapon in the game. If you can master its bullet drop, landing headshots can prove fatal. We also prefer it over the semi-auto as you're not prone to spamming bullets and making yourself vulnerable. You need to make every shot count with the bolt action and this promotes better play - at least in our own opinion.

Finally, Rocket Launchers are vital to a rounded arsenal as they allow you to destroy structures with ease and force enemies into vulnerable positions in the process.

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