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Fortnite: All Vehicle Timed Trial locations guide

Where to find three quick and easy timed trials.

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Our Fortnite All Vehicle Timed Trial locations page explains where to find the three easiest time trials to complete for this week 10 challenge.

For this week 10 challenge you’ll need to commandeer a vehicle and complete three Timed Trials scattered around the map. They’re marked by blue, spinning clocks and if you pass through them you’ll spawn even more. Your aim is to pass through them all within a before the timer ticks down, and those juicy Battle Stars will be yours.

One of the toughest things about this challenge actually lies in finding these timed trial locations in the first place. They’re not huge, or shiny, so it makes stumbling across them all the more difficult. Thankfully, members of the community have tracked them down and stripped away all the fuss.

Below you’ll find three of the easiest timed trial locations which’ll help you complete this challenge quickly.

For a complete overview of all this week's challenges, make sure you check out our Week 10 Challenges guide.

All Vehicle Timed Trial Locations

Here’s where you can find 3 Vehicle Timed Trials across the map:

Credit goes to HarryNinetyFour for the finds. Make sure you give the video a watch as it’ll make tracking them down much easier!

  • #1: East of Paradise Palms - Near the edge of the cliff, just south of the brown patch on the map. There’s a Quadcrasher spawn right next to it too.
  • #2: East of Retail Row - Just by the entrance to the campsite. There’s a Quadcrasher right here too, which makes for a much easier time.
  • #3: Northeast of Dusty Divot - By a large antenna, alongside another Quadcrasher.

To successfully complete a timed trial, you need to pass through all of the spheres within the time limit. You’ll be notified on screen if you succeed.

It’s also worth noting that quitting out of the game even if you’ve successfully completed a Timed Trial will cancel your progress. Make sure you see each game through!

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