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Fortnite: All clock locations guide

Where you can find all three clocks for this Season 9 Week 8 Challenge.

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Fortnite's Season 9 Week 8 challenges have just gone live in the game, and one of them will task you with tracking down three different clocks.

Once you've found one, all you have to do is get close to it and your tracker will be automatically updated.

How do you find all the clocks in Fortnite though? The video below - created by HarryNinetyFour - makes light work of things, and we highly recommend using it to complete this week's task.

Here's the video, with a brief text description right after:

The first clock is just north-east of Lucky Landing on top of one of the rocky outposts. Head to the highest one and you should see the weapons and vehicles laid out in a clock face.

The next clock can be found in Neo Tilted. Head to the south-west part of this zone. You'll find it on the radio tower right next to the red crane.

The third and final clock is located in the southern section of Junk Junction. You'll find a big golden watch right behind one of the crumbled buildings.

That's how you find all three clocks in this week's challenge! Don't forget to give the video creator a thumbs-up, and consider subscribing if you found it helpful.

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