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Fortnite: Birthday Challenges guide

Our complete guide to Fortnite's special birthday celebrations!

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Our Fortnite 2nd Birthday Challenges page contains all the Birthday challenges, tips to help you complete them and the rewards you'll receive for participating in the game's special anniversary event.

Fortnite has just turned two years old, and has gone from strength to strength since its last celebration, with piles of new content, as well as a constantly unfolding story that players have been discovering.

To celebrate the occasion, publisher Epic Games has just announced a collection of quests and rewards which you can work through right now. The Birthday Challenges will have their own section in the interface so you can track your progress.

In this article, we've pulled together everything you need to know about Fortnite's 2nd Birthday Celebrations. We've got a list of the Challenges, a breakdown of the rewards for completing, and a little extra information about what it all means for the Save the World PVE part of the game too.

Fortnite Birthday Celebrations: Birthday Challenges

The Fortnite Birthday Challenges are available until Wednesday 31st July, and are listed below, along with the rewards on offer:

  • Play matches - 0 / 10 - Frosted Wrap
  • Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes - 0 / 10 - B-Day Beats Music
  • Outlast opponents - 0 / 500 - Birthday Spray: ‘This Many’
  • Gain health or shield from Birthday Cake - 0 / 50 - Birthday Cupcake Emote

There's a further reward to be had if you can complete all four of these challenges. Manage the lot and you'll also unlock the Birthday Slice Back Bling.

Most of these challenges should be easy enough:

- Playing 10 matches and outlasting 500 opponents simply requires a big time investment, and it'll be something you'll complete naturally over time.

- The other two are slightly trickier as you'll need to hunt down some pesky birthday cakes hidden across the map, and devour some slices too.

Head over to our All Birthday Cake locations page for the latest developments as we track down every one of these spots. Happy hunting!

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Fortnite Birthday Celebrations: Save The World

Those of you who prefer the PVE part of Fortnite (or play both!) have another set of rewards to unlock as well.

You can earn Summer Tickets and unlock the Hero Birthday Brigade Jonesy by completing Birthday Celebration Quests. Birthday Llamas are available in the store, and a free year 1 Birthday Llama is even available!

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