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Fortnite: Search between an Oasis, Rock Archway and Dinosaurs (Battle Star Location)

How to find this week's Battle Stars.

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Our Fortnite: Search between an Oasis, Rock Archway and Dinosaurs page will show you where to find the hidden Battle Stars.

The Season 5 Week 2 Challenges were leaked ahead of the usual Thursday patch, and this week’s treasure hunt has you searching for your stars between an Oasis, a Rock Archway and Dinosaurs.

The community has already been pretty busy hunting down this location, and YouTuber niitq has cracked the location of this week’s Battle Stars.

In the video below, he walks you through the entire process of tracking down the location so you can find it nice and quickly.

Watch the whole thing, and do give the video a thumbs-up if you found it useful. You can also sub to the channel for lots more Fortnite content.

UPDATE: Correct location added + map section too.

Our All Basketball hoops locations page has you covered when it comes to this other tricky Week 2 Challenge!

  • 10 Battle Stars are up for grabs, which will grant you a full tier upgrade once you’ve found them.
  • Head to the desert area of the map and look for the location to the southwest of Paradise Palms.
  • The Battle Stars aren't hidden at the top of the outcrop that contains the bus and the umbrella/lounger. Instead, slide down the North side of this mountain top until you're next to a large cactus. It's just to the right of this cactus and you'll be ever so slightly Northeast of the red bus/lounger.

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Battle Star Map Location

Fortnite community member squatingdog has put together one of his famous cheat sheets which handily shows exactly where to find this week's hidden Battle Star. Unlike most videos and articles you've probably spotted, they aren't actually located by the red caravan/lounger, but actually at the bottom of the cliff by a large cactus instead.

Have this guide open while you're playing to make life even easier!

Just keep in mind that it will be an absolute bloodbath at this spot on day one, and you might want to consider swinging by once the initial patch frenzy has died down.

You’ve got the whole of Season 5 to finish this one up after all, and there will likely be ten weeks' worth of updates before the season ends.

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