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Valve reveals huge upcoming changes to Dota Underlords

Heroes, Alliances, Items and more are getting reworked.

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Valve has revealed the update notes for Dota Underlords’ upcoming Mid-Season Gameplay Update, and it’s packed with sweeping changes.

The patch notes begin with a handful of vanilla gameplay tweaks, including higher Battle Pass XP rewards for playing matches and increased performance on mobile devices. Dig deeper into the patch notes though and that’s when the good stuff starts to emerge.

First up, there are plenty of Alliance changes. Warlocks have had their lifesteal numbers reduced, Primordials now also have a 10% chance to disarm ranged attackers for four seconds, and the Tier 1 Troll bonus now provides 10% attack speed to all allies - to name just a few.

A vast number of individual heroes have seen some pretty big changes too. Highlights include a serious buff to Tinker, meaning it’ll be worth picking up now, but you’ll need to pay more gold to do so.

Tidehunter’s Alliance has moved from Scaled Hunter to Scaled Warrior and while its cost has been dropped by one, its overall damage and knockup radius has been lowered.

Lycan’s also been buffed in all departments, while Kunkka’s Ghostship ability has finally been toned down.

Alliance items have been reworked so at the start of every game they’re randomly assigned at Tier 1, 2, or 3. Each player in a match may come across Alliance items at different tiers, with differing bonuses depending on the tier in question.

Of course, there are reams of general item changes as well. We're talking changes to tiers, bonuses, crit multipliers and more.

Valve's also addressing neutral creep waves, so losing to them will no longer remove two options from your item choices, but will result in being offered rewards from the previous creep wave’s tier. A nice touch that should hopefully lessen the impact of an early loss.

To wrap things up, all of the creep waves have been adjusted with some monsters seeing some buffs, while others have been toned down a touch.

Of course, the sheer number of changes is vast, so make sure you head over to Valve’s official patch notes page for an in-depth look at the upcoming update.

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