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Rumour: Dota Underlords gameplay footage has leaked

Our first look at Valve's standalone Auto Chess game?

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Gameplay footage of Valve’s official adaptation of Dota’s Auto Chess mode has allegedly leaked online. A now deleted video posted over on Reddit by user S3145 reveals in-game menus and runs through the Dota Underlords tutorial.

The footage is low quality, and appears to be from the mobile version of the game. However, we know that Valve’s also developing a PC version which will likely look and play very similarly.

Here's dotatvru who captured the footage before it was deleted:

Valve recently announced it was working on its own version of Dota Auto Chess with the blessing of the original creators, Drodo Studio, who are now developing an entirely separate game called Auto Chess Mobile.

Judging by the footage (as dubious as it may be), Valve’s preserving Drodo’s highly successful Dota Auto Chess formula, while adding in some extra polish here and there. The core mechanics are still present, and the game’s roster of heroes and their abilities appear to remain identical.

The UI’s been overhauled, though, and plenty of new items and creeps seem to be present. Hero rosters also seem to change with every season, with the beta focused on the core selection of heroes. A new “Underlords” category is yet to be unveiled too, which is very mysterious indeed.

It’s unclear when we’ll hear more about Dota Underlords, but we’ll update the site as soon as we know more.

(Thanks for the heads up, PC Gamer).

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